Backwards storm: Kansas lashed by 100 mph winds, and soft-ball size hail

July 25, 2013KANSASAs sunrise brings fresh light to the aftermath of strong storms in southern Kansas from Tuesday night, authorities are beginning to assess the toll. Hail as large as baseballs was reported in east Hutchinson, according to Reno County Emergency Management. Winds estimated as high as 100 miles an hour were reported in southern Reno County near Pretty Prairie. The town itself was hit hard by hail and strong winds, knocking down trees and blocking streets. “Please Please Please stay away from Pretty Prairie for now. They are not letting people into town at this time,” a post on Reno County Emergency Management’s Facebook page implored. A hail stone measuring 4.75 inches in diameter fell near Yoder in eastern Reno County and hail as large as tennis balls was also reported. More heavy rain strong winds struck Argonia in Sumner County Tuesday night, which was still picking up the pieces from Monday night’s microburst storm that ripped portions of the roof off the high school and elementary school. Officially, Wichita recorded 1.02 inches of rain, according to National Weather Service meteorologist Eric Schminke. But heavier amounts were reported elsewhere in the city – including an inch of rain falling in just a half-hour at Central and Ridge Road in west Wichita. Substantial rain over each of the past two days in the Cheney Lake watershed area is likely to boost water levels at the lake. With the ground already saturated, runoff into the lake – which until recently was Wichita’s primary water source – should be considerable. –Wichita Eagle
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4 Responses to Backwards storm: Kansas lashed by 100 mph winds, and soft-ball size hail

  1. mrsotto says:

    Ever increasing in size, aren’t they?
    How awesome is our God?


  2. Hannah Pelliccio says:

    That same system moved through Tulsa Tuesday night and caused havoc, they are now classing it as a derecho, 76mph winds, lightning caused fires, power lines down all over the place and many folk still without power, it was crazy.


  3. Niccole says:

    This storm was wild too not only west to east but individual cell ran North to south usually goes south / southwest to north northeast.. And there was so much lightening was seemingly constant! Something has effected our weather system ive noticed alot more westward moving clouds… Also supposedly our temps will be in in the 70’s for tomorow Not typical for normal July in Kansas


  4. Glenn Rice says:

    Hail and high water is coming, and here!


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