Martian atmosphere destroyed by sudden ‘catastrophic event’ like giant impact

July 21, 2013 SPACEProfessor Bernard Wood of Oxford University says Mars’ primitive atmosphere was lost through a sudden catastrophic event such as a giant impact, similar to the one which happened to Earth and formed the Moon. Data returned by the Curiosity rover suggests a “catastrophic” event destroyed the atmosphere of the red planet around four billion years ago. The Curiosity rover is on two-year investigatory mission to explore one of the most interesting areas of Mars, hunting for evidence of microbes and collecting a host of data and images from the red planet. According to a study of rock samples collected from the surface of the Gusev crater by NASA’s Spirit rover were found to contain five times as much nickel as Martian meteorites found on Earth. This suggests that the surface rocks, which are at least 3.7 billion years old, formed in an oxygen-rich environment while the meteorites, aged between 180 million and 1.4 billion years, did not. Professor Bernard Wood of the department of earth sciences at Oxford University said: “This means most of Mars’ atmosphere has been lost sometime in the past. It seems likely that in the past Mars had a relatively thick atmosphere and it had water in that atmosphere.” He said the data suggests that this primitive atmosphere was lost through a sudden “catastrophic” event like a giant impact, similar to the one which happened to Earth and which formed the moon. –Telegraph
The 7th Protocol: “What blew away the Martian atmosphere and its oceanic surface flows? …both of the Martian moons were unwitting victims of gravitational capture by the Red Planet during some interplanetary cosmic upheaval. If two of these rocky moons were pulled into the Martian orbit, we can surmise there must have been others careening in Mars’ direction which had mass, velocities, and trajectories, which made it impossible for the Red Planet to capture them. One such rocky mass may have been large enough to vaporize the planet’s atmosphere upon entry, inverse its atmospheric pressure and thereby send millions of tons of water, dirt, and chunks of debris flying into outer space- as these foreign objects made their fiery descent towards the Martian surface.” –The 7th Protocol, pp. 49-50, 2012
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16 Responses to Martian atmosphere destroyed by sudden ‘catastrophic event’ like giant impact

  1. Makes you wonder if these ancient collisions helped slow down the inner core, helping destroy any magnetosphere that the red planet had to maintain it’s atmosphere.


  2. Kajajuk says:

    Where would the oxygen come from? Was there even oxygen on Earth 3.7 billion years ago…


  3. S.Eqbal Ahmad says:

    life flourished once on the red planet it is certain. During some interplanetary cosmic upheaval,
    or say interstellar upheaval, martian atmosphere and its water gradually disappeared. Curiosity
    mission is busy finding answers to such clues. More such missions should be sent in a series to
    get information as much as possible. at least 4/5 similar missions should be sent simultaneously.


  4. what if earth and mars was once one single planet, and the cataclysm broke pieces off? perhaps such a fate one day awaits jupiter?


  5. Vas Lucidum says:

    I was under the impression that it was an arc between Mars and another celestial body. Like a massive lightning bolt that carved out the scars on Mars and the sequence of “craters” throughout the Avernus colles regions


  6. niebo says:

    Hey, Alvin, I’ll just write what “occurred” in my head:

    Just curious. 🙂


  7. olden1936 says:

    Quote: Professor Bernard Wood of Oxford University says Mars’ primitive atmosphere was lost through a sudden catastrophic event such as a giant impact, similar to the one which happened to Earth and formed the Moon. Surely this 21st century professor is maybe unknowingly confirming the wide-ranging, mind-blowing for the time, learned ideas of Immanuel Velikovsky, offered in his books: Worlds in collision, published in 1950, and Mankind in Amnesia, first published in 1982. Velikovsky also suggested that planet Venus was ejected out of Jupiter’s great red spot to then ‘loose cannon’ its way around the Solar System, violently drawing Mars to a different orbit, and passing noticeably close to Earth’s orbit before settling into its current orbit. He also suggested this could explain why Venus is still so hot.


  8. Tom says:

    When the planets was formed everything was much more chaotic and hotter. More debris and big rocks that flew tjrough space. Earth was blessed with an humanfriendly atmoshpere after some time, mars if it had an atmosphere was blown away.
    Earth got a moon for a perfect balanced planet. The moon probably was sucked in by earths gravitation when it was a big rock flying around, or maybe broken off from earths early years. Nothing strange with this and it doesnt contradict God.


  9. Belinda says:

    Do you know how long it took to convince the people of this world that Earth isn’t flat….I wonder how mind blowing that theory first turned out..


    • olden1936 says:

      Oh dear! You mean Earth isn’t flat? Are you quoting from the bible? But God didn’t write the bible, fallible men wrote it, so how much faith should we invest into the writings of fallible men?


  10. uzziel says:

    See what I believe is that we came from mars and was a lot more advanced than we are now. But we started going towards war, started hating each other because everyone started feeling like they were better than the last person, and let greed kick in. This creating wars and killings. Then one day we had a giant war on the red planet and started dropping bombs all around the planet, thus blocking our atmosphere from getting oxygen. So we created a giant space ship for us to escape the radioactive atmosphere. We realized we destroyed our atmosphere and vegetation so we shot a laser into the core of the planet’s exploding and imploding back into a solid mass and the compacted sentiment turn the planet red.
    So we set out to the closet star we knew of… Earth. And when we came here the oxygen was more dense so scientist created these mechanism… to suck in co2 and water, and extract fresh oxygen. Thus absorbing into trees and trees extracting breathable air. And we been here ever since waiting for mars radiation to disappear and for life to start growing again, than well head back to mars with half our population and leave the other half here to die. But humanity is smart and live on.
    Now nothing I said is meant to believe you simply decide. This is my own thought.


  11. Rush Shukla says:

    There was once an advanced and celestial civilisation that flourished on Mars. They were the B’Nai Elohim and were ruled by an archangel called Lucifer who inhabited another planet between Mars and Jupiter called Rahab. For centuries all lived and prospered in peace, there were no wars or conflicts, knowledge and technology was far more advanced as they had the ability to time travel. Famine, disease and poverty were not known. All praised their creator Yahweh who presided over Lucifer from his Holy Council in Heaven.

    Slowly the B’Nai Elohim began to grow tired of God’s authority and Lucifer led a rebellion against Yahweh which led to the complete obliteration of Rahab which became the asteroid belt. Mars took a pelting from the exploding planet and its atmosphere was decimated. Cities were totally raised and its inhabitants were forced underground into caves. Some fled into their spaceships to earth which also felt the wrath of God as mountains were raised out of the sea and some broke away from orbit to become the Moon.

    After Yahweh executed his judgment upon the fallen angels He relented and didn’t destroy them all but allowed some to escape to earth and other planets though they were severely incapacitated although many times more powerfull, intelligent and capable than humans. They lost their beauty and their ability to speak so had to develop telepathic powers and the ability to shapeshift which they mastered.

    Yahweh recreated Earth and made man and woman in His own image and set His angelic host known as the Watchers to preside over man. However the Watchers lusted after the earth women and seduced them and they bore their offspring which became giants. God punished them by sending the floods which destroyed many of the fallen angels but relented from wiping them out. Soon as man developed civilisations and technology he conspired with these wicked Elohim who showed him their science and helped back engineer their craft and soon they returned to Mars where they helped to set up bases for abducted humans conducting experiments on them.

    Now they are ready for a takeover of Earth having deceived our leaders into a New World Order. But it’s not new. It’s the same old world order they did on Mars where they were obliterated and so too Yahweh is preparing his judgement again which will befall us as it did them. This is the truth my brothers and sisters. Turn and repent. Accept Christ as your saviour and you will be spared the fate that met the Martians.


    • Jennifer Wasinski says:

      Rush this all sounds like you have the inside scuttle on what was up. How did you get this information? Really. It’s a sincere question


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