Recent earthquakes in Arequipa, Peru caused by Sabancaya Volcano

July 18, 2013PERUThe man in charge of monitoring the Sabancaya Volcano confirmed to the Peruvian daily, El Comercio, that the recent wave of earthquakes in the Arequipa region were caused by the volcano. “We´re in the sphere of influence of the Sabancaya Volcano, so all of the earthquakes we´ve experienced in the last few days were in fact caused by the volcano,” Domingo Ramos Palomino told the daily. He went on to explain that though there has been increased activity around the Sabancaya, there is not enough evidence to predict an eruption in the near future. “We will likely continue to feel more of these earthquakes, but it takes years of activity for them to produce an eruption,” Ramos said. Ramos said that the volcano only presented alteration in physical activity, not more variations in other monitoring parameters, such as the structure’s deformation. At least 111 houses collapsed, 30 of them in Huambo, where also the drinking water supply was affected. 580 more houses were damaged, according to the Earthquake Report. The tremors started with a massive 6.0 earthquake striking north of Arequipa, in Southern Peru. Therefore, he believes there is no great change from the crisis of fumaroles that he observed in February, because they continue at an altitude of between 400 and a thousand meters. In that sense, he said that the recent earthquakes are not “a detonator that indicates that the volcano will erupt.” –Peru this Week
Peru July 17
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