Research reveals Earth’s core affects length of day

July 15, 2013GEOLOGY Research at the University of Liverpool has found that variations in the length of day over periods of between one and 10 years are caused by processes in the Earth’s core. The Earth rotates once per day, but the length of this day varies. A year, 300 million years ago, lasted about 450 days and a day would last about 21 hours. As a result of the slowing down of the Earth’s rotation the length of day has increased. The rotation of the earth on its axis, however, is affected by a number of other factors – for example, the force of the wind against mountain ranges changes the length of the day by plus or minus a millisecond over a period of a year. Professor Richard Holme, from the School of Environmental Sciences, studied the variations and fluctuations in the length of day over a one to 10 year period between 1962 and 2012. The study took account of the effects on the Earth’s rotation of atmospheric and oceanic processes to produce a model of the variations in the length of day on time scales longer than a year. Professor Holme said: “The model shows well-known variations on decadal time scales, but importantly resolves changes over periods between one and 10 years. Previously these changes were poorly characterized; the study shows they can be explained by just two key signals, a steady 5.9 year oscillation and episodic jumps which occur at the same time as abrupt changes in the Earth’s magnetic field, generated in the Earth’s core.” He added: “This study changes fundamentally our understanding of short-period dynamics of the Earth’s fluid core. It leads us to conclude that the Earth’s lower mantle, which sits above the Earth’s outer core, is a poor conductor of electricity giving us new insight into the chemistry and mineralogy of the Earth’s deep interior.” –Space Daily
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12 Responses to Research reveals Earth’s core affects length of day

  1. The oscillations in synch with magnetic field changes indicate that solar system wide electrical dynamics should be taken more seriously.
    Note no direct observational data on the core, merely ‘modeling’ from rotational and magnetic observations.
    The model is based on the presumption that the core creates the field, and as such can only produce results in harmony with those presumptions.
    Variants of the phrase: “This study changes fundamentally our understanding of ….[insert field of knowledge here]” are included in so many press releases on geophysical and astronomical studies these days, that it’s high time we started questioning the core theoretical models behind our presumed “understanding”.


  2. marybell says:

    OH YE of little faith. I’m hoping G-D will show his authority SOON. Then see how many of these “brillent” researchers will be heading for “the hills” –


  3. Irene C says:

    I love reading about the interesting “theories” that these scientists come up with. Personally, I think that many of their theories come from their lack of belief in our Creator God. But as marybell said, He will show His authority very soon.


  4. JustaKanuck says:

    God put everything into motion within His grand design called creation. From now till the end of days scientists can theorize, study, and come to any conclusion they wish. The facts remain God, through His Son – Jesus Christ, is in charge and nothing will ever change it.


  5. BB says:

    And God called the light day and the darness night and the evening and the morning were the first day!
    Exodus 20 8
    Heb 9-4


  6. Miku says:

    That is why I think religion and science can’t be put together. I mean, believe what you want to believe, but also let other people LIVE. If you’re alive just awaiting for death or god’s “coming”, do it, but also respect other people to explore their curiosity, it’s a good thing and feeling. It’s some kind of hope just like yours, isn’t? So why can’t you respect it then?

    I really don’t know why you guys complain too much. Sorry, but it looks jealousy to me.


  7. bobby90247 says:

    Interesting fact! So interesting, that it (almost) proves that the “Moon” is being “manipulated” to show only “one-side” to the Earth!!!


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