Hubble Space Telescope snaps first pictures of super-fast Comet ISON

July 4, 2013 SPACE The Comet ISON shines like a cosmic skyrocket in a new video from the Hubble Space Telescope as the icy wanderer, which some astronomers have billed as a potential “comet of the century,” streaks through our solar system at a staggering 48,000 mph. The new Comet ISON video, which NASA released Tuesday (July 2), is a time-lapse view created from images of the comet obtained using the Hubble telescope on May 8. At the time, the comet was about 403 million miles (648 million kilometers) from Earth and crossing between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars. NASA officials likened the comet’s extreme speed to a skyrocket on the Fourth of July. “The movie shows a sequence of Hubble observations taken over a 43-minute span and compresses this into just five seconds,” NASA officials explained in a video description. “The comet travels 34,000 miles in this brief video, or 7 percent of the distance between Earth and the moon. The deep-space visitor streaks silently against the background stars.” The blue hue of ISON in the new video is actually a false-color view of the comet as it appeared through the Wide Field Camera 3 on the Hubble Space Telescope. Comet ISON was discovered by amateur astronomers in September 2012 and is headed for a close encounter with the sun in late November of this year.
The comet’s swing through the inner solar system is much anticipated by professional and amateur astronomers because of its extremely close approach to the sun. On Nov. 28, Comet ISON will swing within 800,000 miles (1.2 million km) of the sun’s surface. That close encounter could cause the comet to flare up into a brilliant night sky sight visible to the unaided eye by November. But the comet could also fizzle out in a fabulous bust, so NASA scientists and astronomers around the world are keeping a close watch on Comet ISON to see if it lives up to its hype. While NASA has likened Comet ISON to a cosmic firework in the new Hubble video, the comet itself is not exploding. “Its skyrocket-looking tail is really a streamer of gas and dust bleeding off the icy nucleus, which is surrounded by a bright star-like-looking coma,” NASA officials wrote. “The pressure of the solar wind sweeps the material into a tail, like a breeze blowing a windsock.” As the comet zooms closer to the sun and warms up, it is expected to grow, NASA officials added. ISON’s tail will also grow longer over time. In April, Comet ISON’s tail stretched across 57,000 miles (92,000 km) in images snapped by the Hubble Space Telescope. At the time, the comet’s nucleus was estimated to be about 4 miles (6.5 km) across. Because of ISON’s potential to be a spectacular night sky object, NASA and astronomers around the world have assembled a Comet ISON Observing Campaign to track the object’s progress across the solar system. –Yahoo
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37 Responses to Hubble Space Telescope snaps first pictures of super-fast Comet ISON

  1. romalynn says:

    Let us pray that this is another sign that things are coming to the end.


    • Celia says:

      Sorry but I like life on earth. There is plenty of time to get to heaven. Just not yet.


    • James says:

      Romalynn, why would we want “things …to end”? I prefer “things to get better”, don’t you?


    • Teener says:

      Funny, I have always expected the same in my lifetime, and have latley just been beyond tired of everything. Not tired enough for my ow demise but just a mass exodus will do.


    • Joseph t Repas says:

      Hi romalynn! I can appreciate your sentiment but we must also remember that we are not inert from these events. It is easy to feel isolated as if watching a b rated movie knowing we can just walk away when it is over, but what happens to the remainder of the world happens to us also..It is meant to be that way so that we can do all we can in the power that God supplies us to make this world a healing place.If we just sit back and hope for the world to be destroyed we are also in danger of being judged but it will be encouraging to see what God will be doing with his people through these tribulation times. be blessed!


      • Winter says:

        “If we just sit back and hope for the world to be destroyed we are also in danger of being judged”

        On the contrary. Wishes speak volumes. Actions little. That people see where other people cannot see, thus we are judged. There is not much more to do, than see more and more, rather than waste life with more of the same righteous action. More time for childlike thinking, and childlike belief, and childlike wonder, and I guarantee you will see more and more in your armchair. So long as you can see, sitting in your armchair, the true movie, you will not be judged for sitting in your armchair. But many people who are moving around and not seeing, they are already judged for not seeing the signs.

        That people wish for an end, they also wish for a new beginning. That says more about those people, than it says about others who do not.


    • Debbie says:

      Yes Romalynn, the end of the age is near, we can see Bible Prophecy unfolding so fast now, the next event is the Rapture then after the 7 year tribulation Jesus will set up His Kingdom here and restore the earth and mankind to the way it was before sin entered in!


  2. Ted Nicholson says:

    It looks like the nucleus is rotating very fast or is that an artifact of the imaging process?


  3. Ian says:

    Also look too: Worlds in Collision by Immanuel Velikovsky!. This will also help you with the historical element of comet Ison and its 3600 year orbit of our solor system and what it has done to earth from a historical and biblical point of view i.e Noahs flood and the times of moses when the people of moses as one of the plagues was told to stay in doors for 3 day’s as the cusre of God passed over hence {the pass over} God uses many punishments what was the connection to the coming of Christ and a comet/star that was used as a sign of Christ? What did Moses say to his people in order for them to stay safe during the pass over? That’s right thay were to use the {blood of the lamb}? what did the people of moses use above thire doors’ on the day of pass over? That’s right the blood of the Lamb! What is Christ known as? That’s right: the blood of the Lamb as the comet passed over in the time of Noah causing the flood God used that same comet around 3600 year’s later or there abouts during the time of Moses maybe that same comet/star was used to guide the Maji to the Christ child during the time of Herod! And now a harbinger in the form of comet Ison; {I} {SON} will come into our orbit in October 2013 by January 8th to 14th 2014 it starts to interact with our sun look too Acts2 Peters Explanation :14-34 and Revelation7 :12-17 and Revelation7 Trumpet Peals:2-13 and Revelation17 Visions of Judgment:16-21 this is just a small amount of my research hopes it helps? God the Father seen this time as such a terrible time that He mentioned it not once but four times!!!! Also remember we will enter its tail once when it comes in and once when it goes away twice the rocks there in will fall to earth and at that time it all begins along with the chemical reaction of our atmosphere and the carbon dioxide and flamable oils that will ignite the atmosphere and burn those out in the open also look at what Major Ed Dames has to say about comet Ison on coast to coast he has been spot on in all that Ed Dames has spoken about ball park of remote viewing with Major Ed Dames around 95% wow.


  4. Gaia says:

    Blue Star Kachina…. the final sign.


  5. Ian says:

    Ok folks here it goes Im giving you more of my research never thought I’d write this much lol some of you may be aware that the paragraphes aboves are mine as Im Ian so with that if you think my comments are worth a {watchmans cry} then pass them on to Steve Quayle and the Hawk or Tom Horn or Rommey Steve Quayles friend or whome ever.
    Well some of you may be aware of a hero of mine named father Malchi Matian he was on coast to caost with Art bell when Art was rocking coast to coast; any hoo Malichi was talking about his time in the Vatican as Malichi was a Jesuit, with that he talked about the three prophecies of Fatima these were given by the Holy Mother Mery to 3 girl’s in italy it was the prophecy of the dancing {Sun} it has nothing to do with U.F.O. LANDINGS! The girl’s in question were told to tell the village “come to this place where I will give a mirical” any way Malichi tells of what the prophecy written down sopke of: that was in turn given to the then pope was one of total earth changes/distruction by a {comet/star}*NB my word’s in the enclosed this was the punishment from the Father in heaven Malachi says that he viewed the written prochecy and that it was not good! Earth would see massive changes take place as I have wrtten above in my paragraphes! When asked by Art Bell what would cousre such a thing Father Malachi said that and I quote “something is coming in from space”! What is that something that can deal a earth change to earth you may ask? Well why do you think the L.U.C.I.F.R TELESCOPE OWNED AND BUILT BE THE VATIACN IN THE U.S. has been looking out into space? That’s right folks verifing COMET ISON/{I} {SON} why? They new from the Fatima prophecies what it meant they even new the direction it was and is coming from! The E.T. U.F.O. thing is a RED HERRING TRUST ME ON THIS I KNOW! The vatican released the prophecy of Fatima didn’t they? No it was conveluted and a lie the prophecy released was a lie and not the real prophecy please trust me on this I KNOW! For more on that go to you tube the Irish Father talks of it also Malachi spoke of one of the popes fainting when he read the Fatima prochecy and had to be brought back around, why do you think that N.A.S.A. bulit a telescope in the south pole?? Comet ISON.


  6. Ian says:



  7. Peter from Holland says:

    If this comet can be seen by the naked eye, and the color is blue, then this is the blue kachina. and you know what happens after that. then the red kachina will come. ( the destroyer )


  8. Irene C says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing this.


  9. Kevin says:

    NASA are lying about the size of ison, and no I’m not a doom monger but the evidence speaks for itself.


  10. MagenD says:

    Uhhh – 4 miles across and extremely frigid!!! What are the chances of the suns heat exploding it and sending a mass of Baby Asteroids our way???!!! One Big Asteroid could make for a whole lot of little baby asteroids!!! Just Say’n!!! Roman Candles Anyone???!!!

    P.S. – what is the difference beteen a “Comet” and an “Asteroid” when one hits you going Mach 50+?!!! And what is the distance between “Ohhh” and “S*#T???!!! Could be a Short Fall Folks!!!


  11. TexasRedNeck says:

    I believe in a Pre-Trib Rapture which means I won’t be on this earth when all the bad things happen.
    Why would anyone worry about anything if they have truly given their life to Jesus Christ ?


    • Texasredneck: you need to look up the meaning of the dead in Christ who are to be raised first. I promise you you do not want to be in that first rising. read your bible they have used the text of one chapter and exstorted it to confuse you. these preachers are preaching straight into hell. peace be with you and read your bible from genesis 1-1 to rev:20 and if you can do it with all the preconceived notions that you have been taught you will discover the truth with out all the fake window dressings of these preachers for profit are trying to sell you.


  12. Ian says:



  13. tonic says:

    If this thing really has a nucleus four miles across, and we will eventually find our way into it’s tail, and have no idea what will occur as it gets a serious heat up from the Sun. Then without doubt we could have visitors.


  14. Deck says:

    Quick comment/ observation
    I don’t have the amount of material it is losing per hour (I have see some estimates that the experts have put out) to create the coma and tail but if it was only 4 miles wide and it is losing that much mass it doesn’t seem like there would be anything left in November. I mean that mass isn’t being replaced so it has to be losing the mass as it creates the coma and tail. So I guess my question is if it is only 4 miles wide now and it was supposed to be 4miles wide months ago and it is still going to be 4 miles wide in NNovember where is all that material coming from and going to? Has anyone done the math to see just how much bigger it would have to be to lose that much material and not just melt away? Or am I missing something Alvin


    • c
      The ion tail of a comet

      Deck, it has to do with the fourth state of matter – ionic plasma. Which is what the tail is composed of and the propagation of these properties in the medium of a vacuum.

      “While the solid nucleus of comets is generally less than 50 km across, the coma may be larger than the Sun, and ion tails have been observed to extend 3.8 astronomical units (570 million km, or 355 million mi).” Wikipedia


  15. Nicole Wolff says:

    This planet was designed to last another one billion years- permitting another 50 quadrillion souls to experience a lifetime on Earth. Why do some of you folks long for the murder of 50 quadrillion souls with your apocalyptic myths? Consider: Is it reasonable to make believe that a Creator would want His proudest creation destroyed to lend credence to your myth-based theology of doom? Consider also: since you have been indoctrinated with the notion that everything occurs according to the Creator’s plan, isn’t prayer useless since your prayers may conflict His plans? Worse yet- wouldn’t your prayers annoy Him? If His plans include comet ISON exploding like a grenade as it encircles the sun, with some of the debris headed to Earth, then it is far more likely that those plans were hatched to deal with the effects of multiplication myths- world overpopulation and its attendant, rapid degradation of the Creator’s proudest creation.


    • IMG

      Let’s leave God out of the discussion. Let’s talks science. In the 4.5 billion year time table of Earth’s supposed existence. There have been 5 extinctions. Most of these extinctions, cumulatively, covers a period of hundreds of millions of years. Conversely, according to scientists, humans have been on the planet for the last 100,000 years or so. Which would amount to less than a second on the geological time scale in the grand scheme of events- while extinctions would rate about 15 minutes. So what’s more relevant about this planet you call Earth- the microsecond of human existence or what comprises nearly about 22% of its history?

      Humans are a speck on an electron, of an atom which is only an infinitesimal small particle of the fabric of what comprises the realm of a ubiquitous universe. The only thing that makes human existence of this planet meaningful at all is something bigger and outside the present reality; actually has some knowledge of us.

      If you’re laying any scientific bets on the microsecond super-exceeding the relevancy of 15 minute interval; maybe we’re not the ones falsely indoctrinated with the misguided understanding of reality.


      • Nicole Wolff says:

        The term “extinction” in “The Extinction Protocol” concerns life on Earth, since extinctions refer to a great loss of it. And humans occupy a small sliver of the timeline of life on Earth. But there is a component to life that is thoroughly lacking in your logic that leads you to conclude that humans are insignificant. That component is consciousness- all animals have it. Unfortunately, we can not stick to science in discussing it because- alas- science has no explanation for it. Science only knows that consciousness cannot be found in the brain. If it does not exist in the brain, then it must exist elsewhere else in the universe; as Erwin Schrodinger, the great pioneer of quantum physics proposed. If that is the case, the implication is that the universe acts as a machine in mapping consciousness into life.

        The universe is composed of quantum particles with properties contrived in excruciating detail to yield life. Science again can offer no explanation for this- science only knows that they are not really particles, and so calls them infinitesimal point particles when they behave one way, and wave-like packets of energy when they behave another way. This- in conjunction with consciousness- suggests that a creating consciousness is behind the construction of our universe in which life evolved on Earth.

        There is tremendous overhead and resources involved in conveying the experience of a life in human form on Earth- just like there is tremendous overhead in the computer resources needed to play a video game. The entire universe may have been constructed to map consciousness into brains to convincingly convey this experience. You can check out my hypothesis in the word doc “Introduction” on my website by clicking my name- first couple pages and near the end. I’m all in betting that the micro-second super-exceeds the 15 minutes!


      • Okay, let’s not stick to science. The Ocean Biome on Earth contains the largest habitable biological zone found to exist in the solar system. It covers 71 of Earth’s surface. Of that 29% remaining land surface of the Earth, humans occupy less than 1% – yet, the planetary oceanic health continues to deterioration from pollution and overfishing at an alarming rate. In the metaphysical realm, water represents consciousness. Yet we are polluting it, with no thought of consequence. A polluted consciousness? God destroyed the Antediluvian world by a flood in the first book in the Bible in Genesis and in the last book, Revelation, an angel pours out his vial into the sea and “every living soul died in the sea.” Revelation 16:3.

        You think there is not a message in these judgments about a polluted consciousness and the recompense being meted out for the consequence of actions? “And God saw the wickedness of man was great in the earth…and the thoughts of his heart were evil continually.” Genesis 6:5

        If man would destroy and pollute the largest habitable zone in the solar system…why would he deserve to move elsewhere in the universe and propagate the same virulent behavior to unspoiled worlds? And not only that; but carry his acts of murder, greed, war, selfishness and hate, that he has inherited from every other failed civilization before him, and passed into the templates for every subsequent modern society he plans to build in the future. Could this also be why water is so rare in the universe?

        Emoto’s experiments on water and consciousness

        Look up Dr. Masaru Emoto’s experiments on the consciousness of water and how water appears to react to human thoughts, actions, and emotional projections. Moreso; go back 52 years in time. And then consider the theme of 1961 Polish science fiction novel by Stanisław Lem about the consciousness of water and man’s failed attempt to communicate with the living oceans on the planet Solaris. The book is about the ultimate inadequacy of communication between human and non-human species.

        So ask yourself the question, the cylon robot asked the human on Battlestar Galatica: Why do humans have any right to live considering what they have done and continue to do to this planet, its biological life forms, and its fellowman?


        The only thing which gives any relevancy to the human equation on this planet is that Christ created, loves, and died to redeem humankind from the pit of ruin and unmitigated misery.


  16. Suzanne says:

    I also believe this IS a scientific Blog. Thank you for it.




  18. Jagade says:

    Thank you Mario and yes it is a scientific blog. It’s also just a comet, an amazing comet, but just a comet. Wish I had my telescope fixed so I could get a better look at it, I think I will see what my digital camera will get.
    Does anybody know what day it will be the closest (most visible), hopefully it’s a nice clear night.
    For all the people talking about the end of the world, the world is coming to an end, it comes to an end every day, for somebody.


  19. Ian says:

    Is it a sign from the FATHER IN heaven? I think so why? Look at its name Ison, in other word’s {I} {Son} I Son of God the accronim for a space centre in Russia odd a communist country happens across such an acronim? Thoses who study Bible Prophercy will be aware of wormwood please forgive my spelling here and above I have dyslexia comet Ison is also mentioned in the Bible code go to you tube for that am I wrong all my reseach thus far says; no Im right on the money I hope Im wrong? But where we are in Bible prophercy that is connecting with current event’s is in the multitude! Say this comet is a sign from God the Father a sign for us and a sign also for the dark side of the force as well, remember folk’s thay have been been getting ready for a long time for this and the N.W.O. will usher in the little ‘g’ and what must come to pass will happen the first sign of Christ was with a star that the Maji followed the second coming of Christ will also be a sign via a comet/star.


  20. Ann says:

    Dear Ian
    Thank you, that must have been like showing your soul to a crowd of disbeilvers. I for one will sit in prayer with this information.


  21. Mario says:

    I believe this is a scientifc blog :-)


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