4 Responses to Market turmoil: Portugal slides closer to the abyss with forced austerity measures

  1. marybell says:

    I have been hearing all this financial collapse for over 4 years now. I say – Quit playing mind games and bring it on. I also say; if there is a “no food”: coming –those “Elites” will be eating dirt just like everyone else. I don’t worry about it– I know there is a”New World coming”–just don’t know the day or hour. Keep the Faith.


  2. Winter says:

    Notice that all these things come in ebbs and flows. Waves. The world is spiralling down in this big wave, but within that wave, there are smaller waves. Eventually each wave crashes, and another wave comes. If you have been observing it for a long time, you notice that they come in groups volcanoes erupt together, earthquakes happen with other quakes, floods happen together with other floods, revolts happen with other revolts. This is because the celestial heavens also work in waves. Surely you notice this?


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