10 Responses to Egyptian government crumbles under military coup: tanks reportedly move on Cairo

  1. RickD says:

    The entire world is in shambles… but, it’s good to see the Muslim Brotherhood being thrown out of power.


  2. Steven J. says:

    Finally… The Egyptian people have awakened… The danger of having the Muslim Brotherhood in power has been obvious – An organization which, curiously enough, our President fully supports. Makes a rational person wonder why…


    • aaronwt says:

      Because they are the elected leaders. Whether you agree with them or not, if they were democratically elected then there is no reason to complain.
      In a democracy you take the good with the bad. You don’t have a coup just because you don’t agree with the officials that were elected by the people.


  3. theknopfknows says:

    USA behind closed doors jumping for Joy from CHAOS to order, Rape in the Square is to send women back home to slaughter the Men in the Square. All USA planned.Arab Spring CIA winter.


  4. Irene C says:

    BREAKING NEWS: Top Egyptian military commander says Morsi ousted as president.

    Watching the news. Morsi has just been ousted with a military coup.



  5. Dennis E. says:

    Well, last year in Tahrir square, the beginning of the Arab Spring, TV camera’s caught a glint of a rider on a green horse and speculated what it might be. I saw it again on The ED show most clearly and I pondered, is he that naive and he kept producing his commentary.
    Last week on the Edwin Baxter program, he showed this scene and he did it in show motion sevral times and at the end of the tape, the horse acts as if it is about to climb or something like that.
    A green rider, on a green horse, look almost like lime. It was clear as day.

    My opinion is that we saw an event from the spiritual world. Strange there is no reports from those in the crowd, but the world saw it on TV,Live……


  6. Thomas says:

    This isn’t over, an Egyptian Civil War is coming!


  7. John says:

    Isn’t this going to hurt the president’s feelings since he is in full support of the Muslim Brotherhood?


  8. tonic says:

    Whats happening in Egypt is a breath taking moment. The MB has far reaching tentacles.


  9. TexasRedNeck says:

    tonic says: “Whats happening in Egypt is a breath taking moment. The MB has far reaching tentacles.”
    They reaches all the way to Washington, D.C. to Obama’s desk.


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