3.6 magnitude earthquake strikes under Lake Erie: residents report loud explosion, homes rattled

July 2, 2013CLEVELAND, OH An earthquake of preliminary magnitude 3.6 struck early yesterday, beneath Lake Erie, just outside of Cleveland, according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). The temblor’s epicenter was 4 miles (6 km) northwest of Fairport Harbor, Ohio. It originated 3.7 miles (6 km) deep and struck at 3:48 a.m. local time (07:48 UTC), the USGS reports. Some light shaking was felt in coastal towns just northeast of Cleveland, but no damages were reported, according to The Columbus Dispatch. Damaging earthquakes are rare in the region. The largest temblor on record in the Northeast Ohio seismic zone struck in 1986 with a magnitude of 4.8, according to the USGS. That quake, which caused minor property damage and a few injuries, was felt over a wide area from Illinois to New York. In Ohio, Lake County officials received multiple calls. “I heard a gigantic explosion, and it rumbled entire house,” one caller said. “I’m sorry; I’m like shaking so bad right now,” she went on. The quake was felt in places like Perry, and Fairport Harbor. Even Eileen Steele of Mentor heard the pictures on her walls shake. “It was pretty significant, like an explosion had gone off far away and you kind of feel the rumble from it,” said Steele. “This was different. The bed shook,” she said. All of her animals were alert and scared too, especially her dog. According to the United States Geological Survey, this was a 3+ magnitude earthquake. Even At the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, this seismograph machine picked up the activity at 3:49 a.m. The machine is part of the museum’s Earthquake Zone display, which is full of information about the natural disasters. But the kind of shaking and rumbling some Lake County residents felt, is something they don’t want to experience again. “It was scary,” Steele said. – Live Science , Fox8
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20 Responses to 3.6 magnitude earthquake strikes under Lake Erie: residents report loud explosion, homes rattled

  1. marybell says:

    Do earthquakes sound like explosions? Never heard an explosion here in the New Madrid fault, but felt vibrations sitting on the courch, in my rear end and feet-


    • They can certainly cause explosions.


      • Quakesavvy says:

        Absolutly! I live in Christchurch and have experienced thousands of earthquakes. If the earthquake is less than 5km away and less than 5km deep, and a mag of about 3 or more, you will hear an explosion, followed by a pause, then an increase Sound of the P waves aproaching (P waves just shake a lot and make a lot of noise, like a giant jack hammer) followed by the P wave shake, and finally the violent S wave side to side movement (Which is the damaging part of the earthquake.) You can also guess how far away the quake was by the time difference between the P waves and S waves. I also now judge how big the quake will be by the size of the P waves and decide before the S waves get to me if I need to get to a safer place. Basically if it sounds like a Jet is just about to crash into your house…….Act quick!


      • thanks for the first-hand account, Quakesavvy….

        All the best,


  2. Nicholas says:

    I had looked at the Boom noises reported here on Extinction Protocol for a year or so and then another year after then I heard a very loud and instant BOOM! sound here in Auckland and instantly the shelves and the little things on the top of the shelves rattled for about 3 seconds and the whole affair was over in 5 seconds. I was here at my computer. Recently thoughts of those types of noises was going through my mind and the thought that it is a sound made by compressed air as a thing like a whole tectonic plate collapses is responsible for the noises. Compressed air blowing things up is something I recall having seen before. Like a bicycle pump. Just thought I would let this out there for comments. It is getting a little boring hearing theory after theory but remembering and understanding these things are still happening is a part of the reality of truth appearing to us from the Lord, and the looking to the Lord who is the way and the truth and the life is how the lord is saving us. The lord is revealing truth in these last days as he pours out His Spirit and calls us to the truth only as the Day of the Lord approaches. We should see every scrap of what the Lord offers or the way is going to be dulled to the truth, even in the ears we are given to hear for faith; faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God amen.


    • Stephen P says:

      When was the boom? And which part of Auckland? Last year in Penrose there were two days in a row when our office vibrated with three booms. What followed was the 2.4 Mission Bay Earthquake some hours later.


      • Nicholas says:

        The boom noise happened about 5 weeks ago and was reported immediately by many people on a TradeMe community forum. it was centered offshore from Auckland. To me it sounded as though the noise came from the Mount Eden direction to where I am in Meadowbank. There was a shockwave along with it. Quite strong.


  3. Sean says:

    live about…35 min from this felt house vibrate……and me along with others have been recording very loud explosions…spanning 50miles in sound and houses shaking the last 2 years…


  4. Irene C says:

    Strangely, I didn’t feel this one. I’,m a little over 70 miles away from this spot. But then I was probably lying in bed and watching TV at the time. If there was any vibration, I might have thought it was the cat jumping on the bed.


  5. Frank says:

    This is the beginning of the judgement against America. The great lakes will be drained out to the sea. Woe to the inhabitants of the earth.


  6. kelly says:

    Might want to take a look at yellowstone. It has recently picked up. I’ve been keeping an eye on it for years and the number of earthquakes that happen in a week fluctuate, but it has been more active than normal over the past week with 93 earthquakes. I do remember seeing it over 100 once before and that was when they shut down part of yellowstone to tourists. I watch the yellowstone siesmicity map website.


  7. davey says:

    wake up people,no quake.the gov is boring a tunnel from the ozarks up to Maine,and from lake superior to lake Meade.about 4 miles down.anyone that’s been paying attention the last 5 to 8 yrs knows this


  8. Mike in NY says:

    Davey is correct. There are tunnels that span the entire US.


  9. Kayla says:



  10. thetheologianscafe says:

    Usually the ground just shakes in an earthquake.


  11. Jerry says:

    wondering if these earthquakes are causing the earth to collapse inward? this just in today on fox news.
    “Ohio woman rescued after car falls into massive sinkhole”


  12. Nicholas says:

    gosh, really Davey? That sounds too too sinister to me. One bible prophecy tells of the earth sinking and not rising. I often seem to get exact scripture incorrect with this remembering when reading about things like this. it seems logical if the core cools and slowly dies out, like the Sun will go out eventually, that the energy inside the earth dies along with it and again logically, the core solidifies and shrinks into a solid. If this is true then large area of earth surface collapsing in accordance with bible prophecy which I am 50% sure about, and I do know this is not good of me, I should investigate first, but if a huge area of earth settles and collapses, wont it compress down there. Would this create a pressure that makes a noise escape outwards to the air.


  13. Noah Garza says:

    Wow Michigan ?
    certainly these fractions of
    fracking-crumbling we are experienceing
    as earthquakes are getting More violent Even though
    it was only a 3.6 Sometimes a little problem Can Grow bigger
    in this Case the Odds Are 60 % of fracking to spread like removeing
    puzzles from the puzzle itself.
    40 % percent tells Me i Have a Good Gut feeling TX is Gona Feel
    This One & i live in san antonio Tx
    We Are experienceing The Signs of the times .
    peace predictability


  14. I live in Dillsburg,PA. and we have these little seismic events frequently. I don’t know what kind of surface is below you, but here we have shale.And we all know that shale is brittle. That being said we hear a boom then the shake. The only time that we did not have that was when the whole East Coast got rocked by the earthquake that originated in VA. I am sure there is a new fault line, that hasn’t been named yet on the East Coast…Just remember that it is not always something sinister going on! I will call b.s. if it is in fact that, but coming from the area I live in, these occur often enough that what was heard in MI and OH, is only something to be considered sinister if they do not inspect what is under the ground surface! More than likely it is the same type of situation that happens here!


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