22 Phuket school children in Thailand treated in mass hysteria outbreak

July 2, 2013 THAILAND Twenty two schoolchildren aged 13 to 15 were taken to Patong hospital for treatment after they collapsed screaming and crying at morning assembly today (July 1) at Wat Suwankeereewong School in Patong. Dr. Sirichai Silpa-archa, director of Patong Hospital, said that he first heard about the incident from the Narenthorn Emergency Center, which informed him that one boy and 21 girls had been affected. At the hospital staff calmed them down, though some of the more serious cases, suffering from anxiety, seizures, muscle spasms or hyperventilation, were given Valium to calm them down. Psychiatrists were also drafted in to talk to the children. Health staff found that this was the second time in four days that this group had experienced mass hysteria. On Friday (June 28) they were on a visit to the Anti-Narcotics Training Project at Chulabhorn Marine Park Conservation Centre in Thap Lamu, Phang-Nga. After their outbreak of screaming there, they had to be taken to hospital in Phang Nga but all appeared to recover quite quickly. However, this morning, something once again sparked off the hysterics at a perfectly normal morning ceremony at the school. Today, 13 of the students were released and told to go home, another six were also released but were told to call the hospital if they felt strange again, while three remain in hospital for observation. Dr. Sirichai characterized the incidents as “mass psychogenic illness”. – Phuket News
Girl ApocalypseSupernatural culprit? PHUKET: — Nearly two dozen Phuket students were rushed to Patong Hospital this morning after they collapsed screaming and convulsing during morning assembly – three out of the nine students who were administered anesthesia by doctors at the hospital remain there.  According to reports, the culprit seems to be a ghost in the tourist haven Khao Lak who was offended by a girl putting her sarong in an “inappropriate place.” The students, 21 girls and one boy between 13 and 15 years old, collapsed into their screaming frenzy while at morning assembly at Wat Suwan Khiri Wongwere School  at about 8:20am. A teacher at the school who declined to be named told the Phuket Gazette that all of the students affected were taken to Khao Lak on a Scouts camping trip on Friday.  The troop returned yesterday. “While we were on the camping trip, one of the girls hung her sarong in an inappropriate place,” he said, declining to be more specific about where the sarong was placed. “Later, other students reported seeing what seemed to be a woman sitting on that girl’s shoulders.” Stranger, “While we were in Khao Lak, I even had a dream in which a voice told me to take the girl back to where she hung her sarong and apologize,” said the teacher. “But I ignored the dream. It didn’t make sense… Then this happened this morning,” the teacher said. Dr Sirichai Silapa-archa, director of Patong Hospital, told the Gazette, “They were all in shock. They were hyperventilating, so we calmed them down and aided in slowing their breathing.” Thirteen of the students were released from the hospital before lunch, but the other nine were still screaming and convulsing, he said. “We had to put them under general anesthesia so they could sleep and recover while they were unconscious,” said Dr Sirichai. –TVF
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21 Responses to 22 Phuket school children in Thailand treated in mass hysteria outbreak

  1. Timothy N. says:

    The Sun would affect human psychologically too…


  2. Tom says:

    I enjoy reading your blog daily, but rarely comment. There’s another blog I frequent (but never comment) that may have an answer to why this is happening not only at this location, but all over the world – in the form of weird accidents, people dropping dead, fires and explosions breaking out, etc. – and it’s because of the methane and hydrogen sulfide wafting around from the Earth’s ponds, streams, rivers and oceans. Read the full hypothesis to see what you think.



  3. Oggie says:

    Hi Alvin,

    This reminded me of a similar incident in an elementary school here in Manila where several kids were possessed http://www.philstar.com/nation/2013/06/27/958878/school-suspends-classes-evil-spirits-possess-20-students. For days, the parents of the other children refused to let their kids go to school because of the incident. Just got me thinking and pondering if spirits are freed from the pit to possess or cause mass hysteria. Whew, strange and stranger things keep happening these days.




    • Well, that’s once of the things we must be very aware of that satanic power will reach its zenith before the return of Christ, according to the Bible and consequently the veil between the physical and the spiritual realm is slowly fading.


  4. Nonin says:

    What to make of this? Is it the sun or other incoming space ‘effect’ on our emotions?
    Is it an encounter with ‘unseen spiritual forces’?


    • It certainly is cause for wonder and appears to be psychosomatic. Even more mysterious, since it happened twice.


    • Winter says:

      The sun has always affected our emotions. When you go walking on a hot day, thus your emotions are affected. And when you are cold. Only now it is more extreme. This is why climate change is essentially ‘people change’. You will find the bible will reference changes in the celestial elements during the end of time. During the later part of 2013, you should see far more extremes of emotional behaviour than now.


  5. Anne says:

    We’ve had similar cases here in the States.
    Note where they were the first time this happened to them.


  6. Durable says:

    The antinarcotic visit is an interesting sidebar worthy of further investigation?


  7. jes1776@juno.com says:

    interesting this didn’t start until they visited and “antinarcotics” training camp….maybe they are experimenting on them….


  8. Steve says:

    I’d be interested in hearing more of the details surrounding it & especially what the (the children) said in response to what happened.
    is there a link to further info on the story? & did it happen at near the same time?…
    were there more children in the class…. was that the entire class?


  9. Xyila says:

    General anaesthesia is very dangerous. Many of it long term effects are unknown but can also trigger otherwise dormant diseases such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, etc. into full blown activity.
    The school seems to have been the common denominator here.
    Ultra low frequencies such as those used in schools for all kinds of compounding cumulative forms of wireless, such as wifi, computers, routers, cell towers, and smart meters, were all originally designed as bio-weapons, for use as neuro-weaponry to disable or kill the enemy.
    These “modern” devices enable illegal military frequencies which can be applied at will and aimed at any setting to induce mass hysteria or what ever experiment is desired by those at the switch.
    Barry Trower, who designed them to do so, talks about all of this, the dial-a-mental-state or dial-a-disease capacity of even the most seemingly benign microwave or low level radio frequencies, which can be modulated remotely to create a mass effect for any purpose whatsoever, mass delusion, mass hysteria, crowd control, war, mass lobotomy, die off, etc.
    Did anyone stop to consider this?


  10. Beam me up Scotty! says:

    Could this have something to do with the Earth’s shifting poles or the die offs of the honey bee’s?


  11. Eric says:



  12. Emanni says:

    December 26, 2004
    Indian Ocean 9.1 quake
    over 230,000 people in 14 countries killed
    Third largest recorded quake at 9.1 magnitude

    Khao Lak Thailand registered the highest tsunami at 11.6 meters (38 feet)
    And Khao Lak recorded the largest loss of life due to the tsunami.



  13. Aneriz says:

    I read this yesterday and it made me very sad because of it is most likely unclean spirits activity. The today I read this:


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