17 Responses to Furor grows in Europe over NSA spy network revelations

  1. RickD says:

    Europe really just needs to STFU. They Spy. We Spy. This isn’t about spying on other countries, that’s what the NSA is SUPPOSED to be doing. Not spying on their OWN people.


  2. Betsy Weggesser says:

    OH….What WEBS WE WEAVE….TO DECEIVE….Governments are snooping on everyone…NO USE DENYING IT !!! WE ARE ALL BEING HACKED… INCLUDING OUR FREEDOM !!! God Help Us All …Heal our Nations and SEND us Leaders, who put their Trust in HIS LOVE and with unselfish wisdom… care for it’s Citizens… AMEN.


  3. Celia says:

    Hi Alvin
    Are you bringing a new book out anytime soon?



  4. Rosa Lopes says:

    Please someone start a petition to world governments to allow this man Edward Snowden to be allowed refuge in their country as he has placed his very life in jeopardy to warn the world .


  5. Maria says:

    I would rather have the government monitor potential threats to our lives and do everything in its power to eliminate the threats and protect us. Had the government been doing this or doing a better job at it, we probably could have averted tragedies like 9/11.


  6. Todd says:

    I am amazed that the outrage over these constitutional violations is more prevelant overseas than it is in the US. We were once a people of independent individuals who understood the danger of a central power. We have transgressed into a corrupt daycare full of amoral codependent students and run by paranoid, power hungry degenerates. We once proudly proclaimed that we were the beacon of freedom for the entire planet…..now we are cowards afraid to stand up to the bullies that control us.

    We should take notes on freedom from the people of Turkey, Brazil and Egypt


  7. Sue Rat says:

    Has anybody considered that maybe George Orwell is not relevant in this case. For me I feel with all these nut jobs in our world who are willing to blow us up we have one option spy on everyone. The options are a bomb or a phone tap. I say spy away America save us from our stupid selves. S

    Sent from my iPad


  8. Irene C says:


    Sorry that this is unrelated, but I thought it was interesting.




  9. John says:

    We just need to get used to this. Technology is going to get bigger and better and easier for the government to know every little thing we say or do. Therefore, we need to learn to keep our mouths shut just as ordinary Russian citizens learned to keep their thoughts and feelings to themselves during the Stalin years. Never criticize the government. Always praise the government.


  10. 4leonice says:

    It has to stopp! And it would stpp if there is no need for secrets. We are one and we have to trust each other. It’s all about money and greed.


  11. My mother use to say “if you cant print it in the newspaper than you shouldn’t be saying or writing it”


  12. mike p. says:

    This is the very problem, how willingly so many of you will give up the freedom that so many died to protect. This is only minor as compared to whats coming. The water isnt boiling yet.


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