Nicaragua’s Telica volcano shaken by new earthquake swarm

June 28, 2013 NICARAGUA A new earthquake swarm started this morning, visible on INETER’s seismograms. Telica has six cones, the tallest of which is 1061 meters high. There is a double crater at the top, 700 meters wide and 120 meters deep. Telica has erupted frequently since the Spanish Era. The most recent eruption was in 2011. In terms of explosive force, Telica’s largest eruption has been rated with a VEI of 4. That eruption occurred in 1529. One of Nicaragua’s most active volcanoes, Telica has erupted frequently, and ash from those frequent eruptions keeps the slopes of its cone bare of vegetation.  –Volcano Discovery, Wikipedia
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5 Responses to Nicaragua’s Telica volcano shaken by new earthquake swarm

  1. Irene C says:

    Four posts in a row dealing with volcanic activity. We seem to be exploding.


  2. musivick says:

    in hindsight, we will call this period from 2012-2020+ as the era of the early ‘Birth Pangs’ …followed by the era of the ‘Beginning-of-Sorrows’….both are Biblical descriptions of the End-Of-The-Age in prophetic terms


  3. Kristine says:

    My grand daughter called me the other day and told me her six year old son had a dream wherein God told him all the volcanos are going to blow up, and she asked me if there was anything in the Bible about that. She doesn’t have a Bible, and she’s never read one or gone to church, and she doesn’t know where her son would get such an idea. I rarely see them, so he didn’t get the idea from me – to where he would dream about it. He also said God told him he only talks to children and, if an adult wants to talk to him, they have to wear a disguise and act like little children. I told her that’s the truth, and also that Jesus said one of the signs of the end of the age would be earthquakes in many places at once.


    • Irene C says:

      That is amazing Kristine, but very believable. We have to become as little children with that wonderful sense of trust and wonderment when we come to Jesus. Praying that your granddaughter will now take the time to read a Bible and listen to what it says and come to know the Lord. “and a little child shall lead them”. 🙂


  4. Our world as we know it is vastly disintegrating right in front of our eyes!,We are in the last days of our time and REVELATIONS of the Holy Bible.It is too late to heed all warnings.


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