Dangerous heatwave settles over U.S. Southwest- temps to hit 120 F in Arizona

June 26, 2013ARIZONAA ridge of high pressure will cause elevated temperatures across most of the Western United States, from Arizona and California, northward to the US/Canada border.  This also may bring the first monsoon storms to the region as this abnormally large ridge of high pressure takes hold. It’s that time of the year again, where a hot desert meets the Summer. Temperatures in the 100s across Phoenix will turn to 115+, with 120+ along the Colorado River Valley as a ridge of high pressure builds in the area. This ridge will be very large, bringing temperatures 15-20 degrees higher than normal for Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, New Mexico, and Utah.  Other areas like Montana, and Wyoming may also be in the outer fridges of the heatwave ridge. With that heat will bring monsoonal moisture into play, California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah may see the first monsoonal thunderstorms of the season with this event. More information will be given as the data is compiled, but if in these regions, prepare for increased heat and humidity by the end of the week and into this weekend.  There are indications this lasts through next week as well. –Weather Space
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24 Responses to Dangerous heatwave settles over U.S. Southwest- temps to hit 120 F in Arizona

  1. Janice says:

    Not only the southwest. Up & down the east coast weather is the same…just not as hot, only
    80-90s. Past 2 months nothing but heat, clouds, thunderstorms, high humidity. A sunny day comes maybe once a week. Unusual weather pattern for NJ…more like Florida weather.


  2. Valarie R Johnson says:

    Also note Record Breaking Heat in Alaska


  3. sparrow59 says:

    Just wait for the disasters to start striking this country after todays ruling of the Supreme Court!


  4. Brandon says:

    The greater Sacramento region just experienced two days of rain. This is not normal for this time of year by a long shot. Now a heat wave…


  5. Michael says:

    MOST LIKELY the usage of the Alaska HAARP station causing this heat, just in time for Obama’s Global Warming speech. HAARP was built way ahead of time to start manipulating the atmosphere and cause weather problems here in the States, and other places ih the world, in order to latter blame C02 and charge you taxes to breath, then say it is to fix the Earth, but the tax money really goes to private pockets, like the Rothchilds. It is also going to used to justify eugenics. It is elementary. HAARP’S aray antenna send various frequences into the ionosphere, which reflect down into what ever area it can reach and target. Doing so, HAARP can use that frequences to heat up air, causing pressure and higher tempatures or even cold, steer tornadoes, hurricans, and cause Earthquakes by hitting the earth enough times in one area with frequency. The idea of HAARP can from Nicolas Tesla in the early 1900’s.


  6. Nathan Morris says:

    its the H.A.R.P.


  7. Hung says:

    With this big of a heatwave hitting so many state be prepared for blackouts.


  8. HotBoy45 says:

    Wow. That is so hot at Western States. That is a killer heat wave over there.


  9. We desperately need that monsoon in New Mexico, if it brings rain rather than merely lightening strikes. Lightening strikes might start more fires. Some of our fires this month were started by lightening, others by downed power poles (a common event) and one by human cause not described on the TV. We need the rain so any kind of monsoon rain would be welcome. The national news is ignoring New Mexico fires which are as widespread as Colorado’s but not threatening as many or as expensive homes as Colorado’s. We lost a lot of our trees and many homes in the fires of 2011 and 2000. I lost my home in 2000. I have evacuated 3 times because of smoke sensitivity. Pray for rain any way we can get it in the western states.

    The claim they can modify weather is ridiculous if they can’t bring the too heavy rains of the Midwest to us.


  10. Doccus says:

    Last year it was the east coast.. this year it’s the west coast. Hmmm. Good thing I have air conditioning in my trailer.. because of my health, 100+ degrees would probably do some nastee things to me… I hope y’all are wrong though about this. Too many people were badly affected by last summer’s one…


  11. Irene C says:

    Yes, there is climate change going on. But all I hear is what humans are causing. What about the 62 (or is it 63 now, I can’t keep up) volcanoes are are active right now. Amazing that we rarely hear about the Earth changes that are happening that we mere mortals have no control of.


    • Attacus says:

      That’s a very valid point but i think your forgetting volcanoes becoming active every year for as long as we’ve been around and what they spew into the atmosphere hasn’t caused such instability before. it seems now we are indeed responsible for the extremes we are seeing and not natural occurrences at all.

      When you put into perspective just how much damage across the globe we are doing to the earth on so many levels we could safely say all this extreme weather is long overdue and we are likely to see only increases in extremes until we rope in our unsustainable ways.


  12. Susan Dail says:

    It is the Earth going through a natural cycle Irene. You are absolutely right. All it would take would be one super volcano (Yellow Stone) to blow most of the USA away, bury it in volcanic ash and cover the world in a blanket of thick clouds that would block the sun for years, causing a nuclear winter. Another Ice age. All these political idiots need to get off it and find something real they can actually do something about. The Earth is in control of God, “father nature” Scientist have proved this planet goes through these cycles on a regular basis. How petty that (man) can think they have so much control over a planet in a small solar system in the vast universe. Just log into the USGS website and follow all the earthquakes and volcanic activity in the world everyday. The increase in number and intensity. We have NO control. God is in control and it will happen no matter what “man” does on this earth. All this crap is just something to distract the people from what the government is really up to!!!!


  13. Pauly says:

    Let’s all move to Phoenix, Vegas, and LA where there is little water, and let’s not bother building a pipe line to get water from the east to the west as a 2nd world nation would do.


  14. Jenny says:

    I have visited this site for three years and have never left a comment before, but Susan Dail, you have taken the words out of my mouth. I am a lover of history. History is not just about Kings, Queens, and long ago battles. Weather, climate etc also has history and everyone needs to start taking an interest in that history. Just because something happened 100, or a 1000 years ago, doesn’t mean it can’t or won’t happen again. Man has become arrogant about his abilities, ignorant of the past and uncaring about the nature around him. At some point he will receive a very sharp lesson.


  15. hamlet1 says:

    Here in Seattle we got a few warm sunny days about 2 weeks ago, but it’s been cool and rainy ever since.

    We could use a bit of that heat. Summer still hasn’t arrived for us.


  16. Anne says:

    Susan and Jenny, I also see this as The Warning, as well as the Hand of God upon nations who kill their unborn and other sins that call out to Heaven for justice.
    Everyone’s got to realize, sooner or later, that we are living the Book of Revelation that St. John witnessed, and that of Daniel.
    Much love in Jesus


  17. jeffrey says:

    My reality says this.
    At any time here in the USA we could have a terrorist attack, a mega thrust earthquake- I live in the Pacific Northwest, an attack from a nuclear armed nation, asteroid, volcano, my own government going berserk there are a multitude of other reasons for thinking the world might end tomorrow or even tonight. I live in the today, my god given purpose for existence is to be accountable to god and be happy with what I have and what I am. All of the above disasters have one thing in common- there is nothing that I can do to avoid em. I can only prep.
    If global warming is happening then who am I to discount the fact that most of Western mankind is living a life of exuberance. Adjusting to a more modest lifestyle is part of the theoretical solution.
    I believe in being accountable to God and man by controlling my consumption.
    Gods creation is not to be wasted in any way, shape or form this I believe the greatest sin.


  18. Colleen says:

    Anne, you are right! We are living in perilous times. The book of Revelation times.


  19. Irene C says:

    Alvin, as you probably already know, there is now a wild fire in AZ. I just heard that 19 fire fighters were killed today while fighting this fire. I don’t know the details yet, but I’m sure there will be an article on it soon. Praying for these people.


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