NOAA: A rare tsunami hit the East Coast earlier this month

Storm systems growing more intense: A radar image of the storm complex that may have caused the East Coast tsunami
June 25, 2013 NEW JERSEY The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says a 6-foot wave that hit the East Coast earlier this month was a rare tsunami. The West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center said the source of the wave is “complex and under review,” but they believe it was caused by a strong storm and perhaps even the “the slumping at the continental shelf east of New Jersey.” The weather service says that Brian Coen, who was spear fishing near Barnegat Inlet in New Jersey, saw the effect of the tsunami first hand. He told the weather service that he noticed an outgoing tide that lasted a couple of minutes and exposed rocks that had been submerged. That was followed by a big six-foot wave. The Asbury Park Press, which covers the Jersey coast, talked to Paul Whitmore, director of the tsunami center. He explained the weather system that moved through the area may have changed the air pressure enough to “generate waves that act just like tsunamis.” When that happens, the wave is called a ‘meteotsunami” — in other words a tsunami caused by meteorological conditions, not seismic activity.  –NPR                      
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9 Responses to NOAA: A rare tsunami hit the East Coast earlier this month

  1. jeffrey says:

    Twenty five years ago these were called tidal waves, lol.
    Science is an infant, but is the best man can do without faith to explain the wilderness.


    • ed bear says:

      Just wait for the Canary Island landslide to happen then there will be a tidal wave over the entire east coast estimates 100′ to 150′ tall. The signs are everywhere not a good time to know our LORD JESUS CHRIST.


  2. masspacific says:

    I can’t believe it! Now you’re trying to blame tsunamis on AGW! You guys are desperate.


  3. Dennis E. says:

    A rare earthquake struck Deep Run, NC yesterday 2.1 they said.
    Blink your eyes and you pass right through it.
    Located between Kinston, NC and Pink Hill in the south eastern part of the county with Pink Hill being located at the southern most end.
    There was prior land deformation that effected a couple of the roads before this event that had been on going for several years. Also, there had been reported “booming sounds” and a few years ago, there a sound so loud that people called 911 and the paper reported it as people thought it was an explosion. Definitely something has being going on in this area. How about that! Talk about earthquakes in divers places! It is being reported that there is a fault line in that area which has a few swamps and has the occasional rotten egg smell.

    we live in a world of change………….


  4. joyce says:

    Hate to disappoint everyone, my friends who are dowsers and have an accuracy of over 95%
    most of the time say it was caused by “the slumping at the continental shelf east of New Jersey.” and not weather. That is what the information field says. I wonder if this is the shot over the bow?


  5. Irene C says:

    Well, this is a new one for me. I have never heard of a “meteotsunami” before. This is fascinating.


  6. Steve says:

    This is extremely interesting. Please follow up with latest news. DID the continental shelf move? If “yes” it’s likely we’ll see more. sn


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