Hazy skies over Singapore unleash arsenal of hailstones

June 25, 2013SINGAPORE The National Environment Agency (NEA) has confirmed that the hail that some residents, particularly those living in the western parts of Singapore experienced, is not caused by the cloud seeding in Indonesia. It said in a briefing on Tuesday evening, that clouds do not travel that far and the clouds would be going in the wrong direction if it was related as the wind is currently blowing the haze away from Singapore. Asked if the hail was related to the haze, NEA would only say that it was a possibility but could not give a confirmation. It added that the heavy downpour on Tuesday afternoon was not toxic. Wednesday’s forecast was still likely to be “unhealthy” even though the current PSI reading is in the “moderate” range. This is because the PM2.5 reading is in the “unhealthy” range. Emergency department attendance and polyclinic attendance for haze-related conditions have gone up 0.9 per cent and 16.5 per cent respectively, it said. –Strait Times
contribution Su Wei Zhi Jonathan
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2 Responses to Hazy skies over Singapore unleash arsenal of hailstones

  1. seemorerocks says:

    Hail in Singapore!! Getting off the plane is usually like walking into an oven.


  2. Kajajuk says:

    No problem, but when Malaysia gets freezing rain it will be time to get ice age insurance…lol.


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