32 Responses to Omen: floods, revolutions, wars, volcanoes, earthquakes, rattled markets- there’s a bad moon on the rise

  1. tellthetruth1 says:

    Back in the 60s, there were a raft of records on the apocalyptic theme. The one you mention is just one of them, which I’ve got in my own collection. Fascinating. I wonder what started it all?


    • Garth Whelan says:

      There were quite a few 9+ magnitude quakes in the 60’s also. Which is the same time the global cooling ended, and global warming started. Check the history; the earth was steadily getting cooler and cooler each year from the 40’s to the 60’s.


    • Mr. P. Bellemare says:

      My favorite 60’s 70’s apocalyptic music song is “The Eve of Destruction”
      “Even the Jordan river has bodies floatin”, O you don’t belive, were on the Eve of destruction.”


      • tellthetruth1 says:

        That’s another one I was thinking of. And Zager/Evans – In The Year 2525. Why so many? Was it the Cuban missile crisis of those times, I wonder?


  2. SmallFarm says:

    Just after solstice and Jupiter is behind the sun as well…


  3. Interesting ~ I never “listened” to the lyrics of the Fogerty song B4.


  4. P Bobby says:

    While the “Supermoon” will be visually amazing and eerie and be associated with a “super” gravitational pull, it’s the coming four Blood Moons (interspersed by a solar eclipse) in the Sabbatical year 2014-15 that are likely of more lasting significance.


  5. It’s really comical that we use to dance to this tune with out really understanding what it was about but God has it all under control anyway! So just keep loving each other!


    • Bill Rind says:

      yea God has it under his control, but you miss the one most important about God, he had given man up to his own reprobate filthy mind and his spirit is being withdrawn from the ungodly of this world or earth. his spirit will only be left for his elect ,all the rest are going under wrath. so when you say he has it under his control you leave out most important facts.


  6. Joseph t Repas says:

    Thanks for bringing back memories of that song Alvin! Although the effects on water tides can be calculated very precisely and to a lesser extent water vapor in the atmosphere, I wonder what this full moon will bring as far as tidal pulls of magma and lava flows ? More Earthquakes?


  7. Irene C says:

    This song is from my era. Now I’m going to hear it in my head all night long. So true.


  8. Angelsong says:

    Agreed Irene…..
    So the SON’s day being holy and this day should coincide….hmm…Praying…


  9. Shepherd says:

    Been several quakes the past few days, extreme floods Alberta Can which are crossing USA. When man rebels against GOD, Nature rebels against man. – Michael Boldea.
    I bet youtube Bad Moon risin song gets lots of hits today!


  10. musivick says:

    Friday 21st of June was Summer begins
    Sunday 23rd of June the super-full-moon
    something went by unnoticed on Saturday….any ideas? Mahdi or even anti-Christ arriving maybe


  11. Dennis E. says:

    I too grew up with CCR….and thinking back to that era, you also have to remember Barry Mcguire’s
    song “Eve of Destruction” and during that time period we had the Vietnam War, the 1967 6-day war in which Israel took back Jerusalem and for a while had The Temple Mount in their control. We also had the civil rights marchs and riots and the anti-war movement was taking hold, not saying overseas did not have their share because The Soviet Union sent tanks to either Hungary or Czech republic in 1968 and actually the social fabric was ripped as millions of young people grew their hair out and rejected everything it seemed that their parents stood for or their value system.
    It was an open rebellion against the establishment and music was one of the means that brought
    forth the change.
    I think that in the 60’s was the change from a conservative America to the transition to a Liberal America.


  12. Anne says:

    Barry McGuire sings Bad Moon Rising. One of my very favorites. He recorded Fogarty’s lyrics and put the music to it. Barry still performs and his videos can be seen on YouTube music. God bless you Barry McGuire.


  13. Anne says:

    Barry McGuire sings EVE OF DESTRUCTION. Equally prophetic.


  14. auntie eq says:

    whole lotta earth shakin’ in the works with this supermoon and high tides.
    fasten your seatbelts it’s going to be a b.u.m.p.y. ride, dears.


  15. Angel song says:

    Not liking this…you are so right it’s eerily quiet…


  16. Joe Stevens says:

    Apparently some of you weren’t alive in the sixties. Everyone was depressed and filled with anxiety over Viet Nam. They had reason to believe the end was near. But it wasn’t.


    • Anne says:

      Good morning Joseph, yes indeed, the sixties years ushered in a Rebellion, as I look back on it.
      It was “God is Dead”, meaning Freedom from the Commandments and lawful authority, and “Make Love Not War”, which gave us – whatever sex you want, when, with whomever, and ABORTIONS, that began the destruction of the family unit, which is the backbone of all societies.

      Yep, as Pope Paul VI lamented in the late 60’s – “Satan has entered the Church through a crack.”, meaning the Council. The Fruits are now very apparent and have repercussion worldwide.

      We’re living in the times of the End – the end of this generation spoken of in Revelation…but let’s be faithful to God looking forward to His promise of Paradise, soon to come.
      Take care Brother.


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