Calgary flooding could force up to 100,000 from homes

June 21, 2013CANADA As many as 100,000 residents of Calgary, Alberta, could face evacuation because of flooding, the director of emergency management said early Friday. Mandatory evacuation orders have been issued for 20 communities, Bruce Burrell said. Parts of southern Alberta face rising floodwaters and the possibility of more rain. The levels of the Bow and Elbow rivers are expected to peak overnight, but not drop until late Saturday at the earliest, he said. “I have never experienced any flooding of this magnitude,” he added. There have been no initial reports of deaths or injuries. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said military assets, including helicopters, have been deployed to assist local emergency officials with rescue and evacuation efforts. “Our thoughts and prayers are with those families who have been affected by the serious flooding in Calgary and Southern Alberta,” Harper said, adding that “any and all possible assistance” would be provided by the federal government. A state of emergency was in effect for Calgary, according to a news release from the city. Police and fire officials were driving through communities, broadcasting the evacuation order over loudspeakers. Residents were being asked to mark their homes with an “X” to indicate they had evacuated. The news release said the level of the Elbow and Bow Rivers had risen significantly. –CNN
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18 Responses to Calgary flooding could force up to 100,000 from homes

  1. CanadianBlair says:

    Hi Alvin, this is where I live. It’s unbeleivable, change has begun.


  2. Luis D. Rey says:

    I hope beautiful Edmonton is not having the same flood problems like Calgary !!


  3. btruth says:

    It’s weather warfare to destabilize the countries before INVASION. Laugh if you are ignorant…


  4. Yes do stay safe Canadian Blair.
    I found a link Alvin in the Calgary sun newspaper it has some amazing photo’s of just how bad this flood is.


  5. John Paily says:

    In the last one week, we had several flood disasters, in Uttarakhand India, Indonesia, Lourdes France, Alberta Canada. The death toll in India is rising and is expected to go more than 10000. Please Please Please underline that environment and natural catastrophes is no more a local problem it is global problem, aggravated by globalization that needs to be understood from deeper levels deduced to energy and matter ratio and earth’s struggle to maintain certain equilibrium.
    When huge disaster by flood/snow, fire, earthquakes, occurs there is huge cry in media, leaders make statements, and then everyone forgets, leaving the people to suffer and recover and as usual they go about exploiting nature. The fact of the matter is that earth is becoming fragile under human greed and reckless exploitation of nature. There are lots of scientific data in this regard. It is proven that earth’s magnetic pole is shifting at a huge pace and its shied is deteriorating. From a simple understanding of earth’s “Design and Principle” I had been writing to leaders of nations, temples of science, media and in social media for many many years pointing to the fact that we are tending to great destruction from forces of Mother Nature. It is common sense when a system is heated unilaterally it breaks down. From the days of industrial era we have been exponentially increasing the heat of the environment. We have been recklessly destroying the greenery and with globalization we have recklessly intruded into the night cycle in which Earth works to convert heat into matter and thus tries to balance the system. Earth is non-linear system that is being pushed to its critical limit and she is reacting violently – if we do not awaken now, destruction coming our way would be unimaginable. Simple realization of “principle and design” and functioning of earth and a global action to control the energy of the environment can alleviate Mother Earth – some media please bring this to the world and awaken the leaders of nations – People reading this you could be next at the receiving end – please viral this to awaken – Knowledge is the only way to survive


  6. Mike says:

    LOOK ON GOOGLE EARTH. Type ” Calgary, Alberta” in, the zoom in a little. The Residents and their town, are on both the North side and South side of a wide river, which flows through the area from West to East. The west part of the River flows from the “Columbia Mountains”. IT HAS BEEN the longest WINTER on Record, ever known. Endless snow storms and snowing in the mountains, which has caused MORE SNOW BUILD UP then ever recorded, WHICH in return has caused MORE FLOODING as the snow melts with the natural JUNE warming. HELLO. They should have saw this coming.


  7. Pauly says:

    Snow melt?


  8. terry says:

    Pretty soon you people will start to understand and believe in weather GeoEngineering check it out on the internet you are being lied to re global warming!!


  9. Mercy says:

    Where is all of that flood water headed? To the rivers in the USA!


  10. Now says:

    Hi Alvin, thanks for all you are doing.
    I live in Calgary. This is not from snow melting but from a large rain event in Calgary and an even larger rain event in the foothills / mountains to the West, which is where all the streams and rivers are sourced from. In addition to Calgary, several small towns to the South have been evacuated as well.


  11. Chynna says:

    And it will be like in the day of Noah…and then the end shall come..
    This is my back yard…it’s unbelievable! They are evacuating the Zoo…Jesus save us


  12. says:

    The rain finally stopped, but many surrounding towns got hit harder than Calgary. A few billion in Damages. We never had any flood dykes built, and rich people decided to build their houses on the lakefronts. Those are the ones that got the most screwed from the Situation. But the Army of 1200 troops from Strats, the Combat Engineers, and the PPCLI have moved in to assist. Everyone is opening up their homes to the needy. a city of 1.2 million, you know at least 1 or 2 people effected by this.


  13. James says:

    This is the year of the snake (Chinese) and portends problems with water, as evidenced by all the flooding.


  14. Jess says:

    Sad day for Calgary.


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