12 Responses to ‘People Revolution’ spreads to Brazil: thousands take to streets in anti-government protests

  1. Irene C says:

    Coming soon to a country near you. (Can you hear me now, U.S.?)


  2. CanadianBlair says:



  3. omlove@aol.com says:

    Dearest Roc. LAN This sounds terrible. Brazilians are very emotional … Praying and Blessings a Peaceful Outcome. All Love


  4. These demonstrations are parts of “Social Unrest”, which follow the Human Behavior Changes, caused by the lack of HRW (Human Rights Watch), through all the world, and too, may be are connected to the Islam’ bombing – protestors…. We don’t have to forget, what part of the World is Brazil …. It was, or still is, a part of America,in its larger meaning…. So, as I understand, all the “protestors’ actions” in America, (whether, it is in the Boundaries, or in Boston Marathon, or in the Underground near the UN HQ.and all over the Mideast, and even in Europe (terrorists attacks), are all linked together, and have only one cause ….and we have to find the right one …..Mary Cassin Edelman Medelman …


  5. Anne says:

    Rio de Janeiro is also hosting the International World Youth Day from July 22-28, 2013, where millions of young people will converge upon the city. Francis plans to be there to supervise and give council to the youth. Pray for them!

    ” Brazil will fork over 31,000,000 Million dollars, and Rio de Janeiro will fork over another $20,000,000 for being the 28th city to host these events worldwide. And, another $80,000,000 will come from other sources. While Brazil is struggling with deep poverty – government statistics: 8.5% of the population live on the equivalent of $1.30 a month, defined by the government as “extreme poverty”, while 30% of these survive on no income at all.”!!! (Traditio)
    Is there any wonder why these protests began over a 9 cent increase in the bus fares?

    Folks, we are in very dangerous times, both physically and spiritually. All Christians have been targeted by Satan. We must pray for each and everyone one of us.


  6. People in the U.S. are too fat, sick, and lazy to have a legitimate revolution. The time is never for us, and it’s too late…


  7. Mercy says:

    I am proud to be a Protest-ant Christian.May God help these people in their protests for justice.


  8. sky says:

    Brazilian Revolution :
    The time came to get the Brazilian people their rights .
    Brazilian people have suffered a lot in the past .
    Continued in the revolution antil you get your rights .
    This is the only opportunity to get your rights .
    Brazilian money looted by politicians .
    Do not be afraid and continue the revolution .


  9. Alex22 says:


    Congratulation to the Brazilian people, who the started it.
    Watch out for the Socialist spin doctors who are trying to make it look like this is a protest for better education and healthcare. To the complete contrary, this is a protest against high taxes, much of what is spent on education and healthcare.

    The matter of fact is that the present Brazilian government is a Socialist government.


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