H1N1 cases rise sharply in Venezuela

June 15, 2013 VENUZELAThe number of H1N1 swine flu cases rose sharply in Venezuela during the last week of May, the health ministry said Wednesday, refusing to disclose whether any deaths have been linked to the outbreak. Health Minister Isabel Iturria, explaining why deaths would not be reported, blamed “political or economic interests” for creating alarm over the outbreak. The ministry said there were 414 new cases of H1N1 in the week from May 26 to June 1, pushing the total number of cases from 724 to 1,138. The virus was detected for the first time in Venezuela in 2009. The current outbreak has surpassed one in 2011 that resulted in 900 cases and eight deaths. Venezuela has been fiercely polarized since Nicolas Maduro was declared the winner of a disputed election in April to replace his mentor, the late leftist leader Hugo Chavez. The centrist opposition has contested the results. –Terra Daily
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2 Responses to H1N1 cases rise sharply in Venezuela

  1. John says:

    Individuals are judged after they die and stand before God. However, NATIONS are judged in the here and now, in the present. And, God punishes or rewards nations with calamities, famines, pestilence, good weather, and blessings on crops and cattle. So, when you look at the moral condition of the world, especially the United States, you can see that we are getting a whipping.


  2. Gray says:

    I am surprised that I cannot find anything written in the past 50 days about this epidemic, which continues to grow and kill people. A good friend of mine in Venezuela is now recovering from confirmed H1N1 infection with pneumonia that has kept her acutely ill for over three weeks. She sent me a copy of a report by a group of concerned Venezuelan doctors that the death count on June 17 was already up to 23, and that little vaccine was then available. The Venezuelan government has been less than forthcoming about this epidemic, but one would think that some reporter would be interested in investigating this story. One would even think that the US government would like to exploit the story, and could offer vaccine, which would be an embarrassment to the Venezuelan government (retaliation over the Snowden asylum offer).


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