Japan’s Sakurajima volcano awakes with a series of powerful explosions

June 13, 2013JAPAN After 10 days of almost no activity, the volcano has woken up violently with 3 powerful explosions last night (at 22:05 and 23:58 UTC, ash plumes to 10-13,000 ft) and this morning at 04:26. The eruption this morning appears to be one of the largest explosions for a long time, producing an ash plume rising to 16-20,000 ft (5-6 km) altitude. An SO2 plume is also visible on satellite data. Tokyo VAAC issued a warning of an ash plume drifting SE at flight level 200 (20,000 ft altitude), s. graphic. –Volcano Discovery
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4 Responses to Japan’s Sakurajima volcano awakes with a series of powerful explosions

  1. Dennis E. says:

    World descending into chaos in all areas………..prepare…….


  2. John Paily says:

    Volcanic eruption of end results of Human activity disturbing earth and her functioning. We need to understand Global warming reduced to earth struggle to maintain certain of energy to matter ratio or the heat of the external and internal environment of earth. There are only forces in nature unwinding and winding. With increased heat of the environment and decreased time and resources for earth to convert this heat into matter, earth is being stressed. We are inviting two fold destruction from unwinding force of heat [energy] or fire and winding force of earth. Sudden peaking and falling of these forces are going to tear everything. We are heading to huge catastrophes and even annihilation of much of humanity unless we awaken to the “principle and design” on which Mother earth functions and know her Master who controls – http://www.scribd.com/doc/127585586/Truth-and-Knowledge-that-Can-Save-Us-From-Accelerated-Climate-Change-and-Increasing-Natural-Catastrophes


  3. Irene C says:

    The planet is definitely waking up.


  4. DebbyS says:

    Hmm, what are the odds of that being a nuke plant at the base of the volcano? I wonder where in Japan the volcano is.


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