13 Responses to Enemy of the State: Europe alarmed over U.S. intel spy program

  1. niebo says:

    “. . .fired the 29-year-old infrastructure analyst for violating its ethics code.

    I don’t have a key that highlights in BOLD BLUE so I smashed my keyboard instead.

    “To show partiality to the wicked is not good,
    Nor to thrust aside the righteous in judgment.”
    Proverbs 18:5

    See also Micah 3 (esp., verses 9-12)


  2. AineEithne says:

    Well, I guess it’s good to know all of my data is backed up :-).


  3. Gav says:

    There’s a very simple answer to the question posed “The question remains why are U.S. government agencies collecting so much private data on American citizens, as though there were all presumed ’enemies of the state’?” The answer is that the US Administration under Obama has been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood but infiltrated is probably the wrong word as most of these people have been hired by and given access to US top secret files. I will leave a link to a couple of documentaries at the end of this which are worth watching but, in any case you have sitting on the board of the NHS as a security adviser on terrorism a Muslim who along with the many other (US) Muslim groups like CAIR (Council on American–Islamic Relations) whom have lobbied the FBI to remove training manuals that they say are prejudice against Muslim etc. With so many Muslims within the US government the focus has been moved away from the MB whom Obama sends billions $$ to every year to the law abiding citizens of the US. The director of the FBI happily accommodated CAIR in their request to removed training manuals that focused on fundamental Islam so now the target is, you guessed it YOU. http shariaunveiled.wordpress com and the Doco is down the right column toward the bottom if you get past the shocking video’s of Obama funded rebels slaughtering men, woman and children. And Obama has stated that the US will be a Muslim country by 2016 – Shocking!


  4. deniseandros says:

    How stupid are you, EU? If Obama doesn’t respect the rights of Americans, then it should be easy enough to deduce, that he doesn’t respect the rights of the EU either. Wasn’t the return of Winston Churchill’s bust enough to make you, at least, suspicious of his intentions?


  5. Jason Bourne-cross-referencing-logarithmic-graphical-analysis-boolean “s**t”…

    I can’t see what all the fuss is about with this NSA whistleblower….

    The logging/tracking/cross referenc¬ing genie is out of thebottle….”predictive analysis software”….S.A.P (backwards)

    Storm in a tea cup…..like I said before …when I first started to look at Microsoft word… database…and excel….(boolean/C++) the teacher was telling us about what a great tool this database was for a library…and then how great excel was for Tesco tracking stock and shopping trends….(this was in 1991/92)…I straight away visualised the CIA and FBI… GCHQ …FSB…Gong Anju (Chinese Internal Security) doing all that Jason Bourne graphical tagging nodes business…..

    For goodness sake ….most inventions like the Univac are first and foremost military research developments that then go on to be commercialised…just like Henry Ford and his model “T” with its mass production…..all a spin-off product of mechanisation for producing armaments for the American civil war…(colt… winchester..etc)…

    Facebook…Google…etc….are all as a result of hardware and software developed for and during the cold war…(Arpanet)

    Besides…..this is all “smoke & mirrors”……..predictive analysis is not something which has just come about due to the development of “Truth-Tables”….Boolean systems packet switching and computing….since time immemorial experts from various fields/disciplines have come together in order to “War-Game/Game-Theorize”…….only now they can do it in a much more technological manner….

    e.g.: Pentagon/CIA/DOD/RAND “Mutha-Luvers” probably got together around a big Dr Strangelove table and postulated on what the future might hold ……and quite a few years ago some behavioral psychologist Colonel said……

    “Sir…..it is the very nature of our computing systems that is both their strength and weakness……back in the good old days of the cold war….during the 40s and 50s….if someone wanted our top secret information they would need cameras and secret compartments in brief cases…in order to get hold of and remove a technical manual of national importance and then they were limited in the amount of documentation they could steal……..”

    “Now fast forward to today and an individual can call-up from a computer.. the technical schematics for the entire 6th fleet of the United States Navy…the operating manuals…. as well as the war plans and strategic tactical analysis briefing documents……and much more besides……and download all of that Top Secret information onto a storage device no bigger than your thumb nail……..and if they have the knowledge…access and technical expertise they can (without the need of a storage device) with only a few key strokes ……send vital strategic information from a server in Nevada to one in outer Mongolia in the blink of an eye…………”

    “Now gentlemen it is only a matter of time before an individual (either a disgruntled employee….an Idealist…..or opportunist in search of financial reward)…..does precisely this…..”

    “We can either wait for this leak to happen and then run around like headless chickens or we use pre-emption and work the problem/phenomenon from the inside ……”

    “I propose that we identify a few candidates….either already serving members of the military intelligence community or we hire ourselves some patsy’s……they must be somewhat liberal..ethical…moralistic……we then assign a team of agent provocateurs …ghosts… to shadow them…. work on them…engage them in intellectual and philosophical Hegelian (yin/yang) dialectic debate and reasoning ….slowly over a period of time…. and gradually wind them up…pushing them mentally in a certain direction …our direction……without them realising how they are being manipulated…like clockwork automatons…..to the point where they feel morally obliged to take action and start blowing their whistle……..make them feel like they were Kirk Douglas…IM SPARTACUS”

    “We of course will keep full spectrum surveillance on them…. their family…social networks…cat…dog….and the fucking goldfish as well………we will limit their access to highly valuable/sensitive data and feed them sensationalist scraps…dog food”

    “From the resulting disgust and outcry by the general public (due to the heroic whistleblowing)….. we can then use this media circus to distract the masses….and whilst joe public are busy watching the left hand (engaging in their libertarian debate)…we with our magicians right hand can take all kinds of actions…. implement nefarious dark lord policies under the public radar so to speak……it will also help to distract from banking collapse …..Earth changes….chemtrails …etc etc etc”

    “And the cherry on this cake… is that we encourage the media to paint a picture of the whole experience for the whistleblowing perpetrator and everyone connected to them… as soul destroying as possible…….life imprisonment…solitary confinement sensory deprivation……possible DEATH SENTENCE…etc”

    “This will have the effect of putting the fear of God (Devil) into any and everyone within the intelligence community and deter them from even considering to release sensitive information……and we can drag the whole thing out like a bloody soap opera with sentence…conviction….public outrage…appeal…re trial…re sentence…re convict…re appeal….hell we can even at some point in the future allow the cocksuckers appeal to succeed ….have his legal team get a new judge to overturn the courts verdict……and have the whole libertarian community singing ding dong the witch is dead …..

    Scare tactic and hidden policy smoke screen…2 for 1

    The Longest of “Cons”… because joe public would think that he “grass roots populists” had taken on the might of the military industrial complex and won…!!!

    However…we wish to welcome them to Munchkinland..









  6. Anybody who was surprised by this has not been paying attention, or at the least, has far too much faith in people.


  7. nanoduck says:

    LOL. Like as if EU does not do the same to their people. And here’s the news…they all have been doing this for YEARS!


  8. Colleen says:

    Probably since 2007. We are living in an Orwellian era. This certainly makes me think of the book “1984” by George Orwell. The only thing about his book is that is was a little too early.


  9. Coyote's Bro says:

    This is my wild guess, in part those “in charge and living large” of course don’t trust a anyone, now if it is as some in the UFO community have stated; there’s a number of the alien visitors on the planet, this is just one more tool in their black bag to track down the aliens who are not currently “welcomed”–alright, thinking OUTside the bozo box


  10. MagenD says:

    P.S. – Snowden is a freaking HERO!!! Kind of like those folks who participated in Operation Valkyrie!!! May many more take his stead and follow his lead!!! An “Enemy of the state” is an HONORABLE title when “The State has become the enemy” – of G-d and their own people”!!!


  11. Ian says:

    So I wonder who in Europe spies on the US and it’s people? Just better at not discussing it in the public domain.


  12. Irene C says:

    The other day, I was unable to access my email. I finally figured that they need some time to gather copies of all my data and were overloaded by picture of cute cats. 😉


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