60: Ibu volcano (Halmahera Island, Indonesia): lava dome overtops crater rim poses risk of pyroclastic flows

June 10, 2013 INDONESIA As the Indonesian Volcanological Survey (VSI) specified in its latest bulletin, parts of the active lava dome of the volcano have recently (early June) grown higher than the northern crater rim, where it is cut by a valley extending to the northern feet of the stratovolcano. Therefore, potential continued growth of the dome poses the risk of rockfalls and pyroclastic flows reach the northern flanks, where a number of villages are located, namely Pasilulu and Talen. In addition, VSI scientists have detected an increase of seismicity and degassing since early May. This includes volcanic tremor from growing lava dome and deeper earthquakes, possibly related to new magma rising, and the occurrence of notable sulfur smell. Ibu’s activity has been characterized by the slow building of a new lava dome inside the breached summit crater since 1999. While present growth rate is still slow, and no or little incandescence is observed at the moment, the new seismic activity could herald a phase of more vigorous activity in the near future. In that scenario, the occurrence of dangerous landslides and pyroclastic flows would be likely and the northern slopes of the volcano should be considered a high risk zone. –Volcano Discovery
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6 Responses to 60: Ibu volcano (Halmahera Island, Indonesia): lava dome overtops crater rim poses risk of pyroclastic flows

  1. Alvin, thanks so much for numbering the eruptions!

    From my understanding, this 60th eruption means we are at the now at the annual MAXIMUM in just the middle of the year.

    Basically, we are on track to DOUBLE volcanic eruptions for 2013!


    • V

      You’re welcome and it does portend an ominous trend which suggests change is accelerating within the interior of the planet.


      • Irene C says:

        I remember sometime at the end of January noticing the number of volcanoes that had already happened. I had commented that if it continues, we will far surpass what we had seen before. This is happening faster than I thought it would. Time to make sure we’re buckled up.


      • ST

        “From here, we’ll move even faster. And Captain, notice the chronometers…minute by minute, the speed of time’s passage will now increase.” -Spock to Kirk: Tomorrow is Yesterday


  2. Erika says:

    Nr 60!! How many were there last year?? For a while ago I read something about a disaster event coming up in June. It´s June now… anyone feel the tension raising? I guess I feel safe here in Sweden but what about the rest of Europe that is bathing in water… 😦 Thank you so much for this site!! Stay safe and stay in Peace. Love Erika


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