13 Responses to U.S. spy agency collects phone records on Verizon customers

  1. Nightturkey says:

    And the cry goes out across the land, “Dump Verizon!” Do folks really think Verizon is the only carrier being monitored? And of course, since this policy was started under Bush, it’ll be one more bit of Bush-basher fodder, without anyone bringing up any decent reason why Obama hasn’t stopped it…


  2. Dennis E. says:

    I know that many of the bloggers here have a Verizon account.
    I know that many will say after reading this posting, I am going to switch to another provider.
    Question(s) and give me some love here; If you change providers, what is to say, the new one will not do the same. Secondly, if a person isn’t involved in alleged criminal or terrorist activity, then they have nothing to worry about,yes?

    There must be a high volume of suspected terrorist activity within the verizon family.
    No, eventually all communication media used by the public will be recorded or already is.


    • Dennis, I believe that it already is being recorded and stored, it’s just that the order to Verizon is the one that was leaked. It makes no sense for the NSA to get an order against one carrier and ignore the rest; I am certain that they have similar orders against all of the carriers. So I won’t be switching from Verizon in the foreseeable future, there would be no point. But I will keep in mind that our government is collecting this data and in the future I will be careful of what I say via electronic media of all kinds.


  3. dj says:

    (Big Sigh) How does one stop this ‘fast train’?


    • At this point, dj, I don’t believe that we can. The rise of government tyranny has momentum behind it and too few people in positions of power trying to put the brakes on. No, the only thing now that can stop the speeding train of tyranny is the return of the Messiah – not even global cataclysms will stop it now.


  4. rob willis says:

    Sad thing is their is nothing we can do about this never ever ever. Because the people really running the government don’t care about our rights and will willingly kills us if they wanted to


  5. niebo says:

    “. . . They are probably mined with sophisticated software in an attempt to figure out close connections between people. . . .”

    Oh? Look what just popped up @ Huffington:


    And here’s a story about this from 2010 that “now, now, here, here” tries to assuage concerns that ‘data-mining’ might be used for ungood, plus ungood, or double-plus ungood:


    From 2012, a more believable story:


    And from NYT, the explanation of the ultimate goal of this surveillance:


    Last but not least, a paper from Utah that explains data-mining and how it works:



  6. Lucas Harrison says:

    So sick of this crap oh we should do whatever it takes to prevent terror lets all just give government whatever they want absolute power. People need to get over them selves yes all life is precious but we all die some day its part of the process live in fear give the government all the power it wants, well then the terrorist have won and i fore one would rather be dead than see one more law tax dollar or alphabet agency developed to wast my money!


  7. Irene C says:

    Honestly, this doesn’t surprise me. 1984 but almost 30 years later. When the Patriot Act was written, too many people were more afraid of terrorists than they were of losing their liberties and privacy. This is what the people wanted and this is what they have.


  8. Patti says:

    Best quote I heard so far was “We need a scandal Czar” Did you see how a congressman was more upset that Holder would not disclose that they are also doing the same surveillance on all of Congress? It was quite the show, he didn’t care about fellow Americans all he cared about was is own you know what. The news is just crazy…. They all get dressed up in their suits looking like they are all innocent and then it’s been one scandal after another, you have to wonder if they ever stop and think for a moment that they have a soul. Gee, don’t want to be them on Judgement Day. Not that I’m a saint but it does make you wonder.


  9. Bert Fannin says:

    We live in fear and have traded our freedom for a fleeting sense of safety, provided by an increasingly tyrannical surveillance state. If we chose to do little to change this, then we get the government we deserve.
    Welcome to the world of 1984. Big brother is here to help and protect you. So just shut up and enjoy your freedom.


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