3 Responses to Syria’s chemical weapons program was built to counter Israel

  1. Puma says:

    I had heard that France and Britain had said that Syria often used Nerve gas ( Sarin gas) as weapons.


  2. viky says:

    chemical weapons used on innocent citizens

    police is using agent orange gas (illegal chemical gas that burns lungs and skin) mixed with pressurized water cannons. They shoot to maim, thet shoot to kill without discrimination. THIS IS POLICE AND GOVERNMENT BRUTALITY AGAINST THE PUBLIC OF TURKEY. We want the whole world to hear our voices and be aware that this is going to become a civil war. PEACE İN THE COUNTRY PEACE İN THE WORLD.(MUSTAFA KEMAL ATATÜRK)..We are children of ATATÜRK… thanks everybody who understand us

    some say it’s “agent orange” gas…could be, because they went out of mace, but it think it smells more like surlfur mustard, cause the agent orange is usually for defoliation only, and people are itching their skin https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sulfur_mustard

    also, the chemtrails are impressive over Turkey these last days

    Turkey needs to be heard!!!


  3. What is happening in Syria nowadays, is a part of what we have been calling “The Arab Spring” in the Mideast…..What I understand by these words, Arab Spring, is the awakening of the Arab Nations and their claims for Human Rights Watch – HRW-… This includes, their “religious” awakening to the Islam;and Sharia Law, which they want to “practise” in an “extremit point”… Everyone upon earth, whether, Islal, or Christians or Jewish, has the right to have a religion of his Own…. but everywhere you have to practise it in a different way ….This need caused them to be “extremists”, which leads to “jihadists, and terrorists” , who thought that by the use of z”weapons” they can overcome the “secular sects, ” or even overcome their Government…But the Religious need was not the only one in the Mideast “awakening” ..It drives to a socio-economical need to have their own rights in their Society, i.e., here, the Women Rights Watch, and Children Rights, which are all of them the basic need of a “developped Society”…..There is too, in Syria, the Use of the Chemical Weapons, … In order to get over these conflicts, the syrian Government and the Rebels , too, have been, or haven’t been using them, nobody knows clearly ….but these two Groups are killing each other, in a “civil war” which can destroy Humanity, and all what is related to it ….I think, that , before using any kind of weapons and even before any delivery of Russian Weapons to the Syrian Government and to the Rebels Alike, there must be “peace talks” in Geneva, or anywhere else….in order to solve the syrian crisis, and to repect from all sides Human Rights Watch – HRW… But what is sure, is that the rebels must not have in their hands ant kind of weapons, because of their lack of knolodge and comprehension of the events, and we all know, that( the rebels are all from the jihadists groups, terrorists, a,d shabiba, and nusra-front ….and extremists, who acts, and reacts, without “thinking” …..What is sure, is that Russia has to wait still, before delivery of weapons of any kind …..


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