4 Responses to Report: new Iranian missile launchers could overwhelm Israeli defenses

  1. Leo says:

    Just like the Russians the Iranians realize war is coming . why do you believe the Iranians are mobilizing these missile launchers at such a rapid rate ?


  2. marybell says:

    Maybe this would be a “dress rehersal”


  3. Dennis E. says:

    This is getting ready to happen soon……..It could change our life forever.Many of you will say, Oh, another false alert, Not an alert, but could happen today or when Israel strikes the anti-aircraft missiles Russia will deliver.
    This war could throw the world into turmoil. Israel will be greatly damaged and will want seek peace and security eventually.Then, will the anti-christ appear on the stage and sign to covenant?
    There has been serious discussion, initiated by a Muslim, of the building Solomons Palace on the temple mount. I think we are living on the edge of great change…..both earth,social and religious.


  4. steve greenwood says:

    Yes world war 3 is here,thats why its so important to accept jesus christ as lord and savior,he is our only hope when this war starts,believe in him and be saved God bless you all.


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