5 Responses to Protesters defiant, as unrest in Turkey enters third day

  1. Dennis E. says:

    The US goverment is preparing for this in America.


    • The US government is not just preparing for this here in America but is counting on it to give them the ability to enact the kind of drastic changes that they have in mind. If the American citizenry rises up against the current regime that would provide the pretext to declare martial law and start using all of the sweeping powers concentrated by presidential decree in the Oval Office. All of the mechanisms needed for this are there and the government’s preparations are nearly complete, so I believe that this summer will be when we see these things come to pass. Our freedooms are nearly gone and we won’t get them back.


  2. Louie says:

    Perhaps this is where Russia will move into Turky.


  3. Kajajuk says:

    Brazil is having an extended “street party” too!


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