Moon being pushed away from Earth faster than ever

June 2, 2013SPACEEarth is pushing the moon away faster now than it has for most of the past 50 million years, mostly a result of tides, a U.S. researcher says. Matthew Huber of Purdue University says his models of the influence of tides on the moon’s orbit help solve a longstanding mystery concerning the moon’s age, reported Wednesday. The moon’s gravity creates a daily cycle of low and high tides that dissipates energy between it and Earth, slowing the planet’s spin on its axis and causing the moon’s orbit to move farther away by about an inch and a half a year. If that rate has always been the same, given where the moon’s orbit is now the moon should be 1.5 billion years old, Huber said, yet some lunar rocks are 4.5 billion years old. Huber and his colleagues gathered data on ocean depths and continental contours existing 50 million years ago to create a model of ancient tides. The model suggests the energy dissipation then was only half what it is today, so the moon was pushed away at a slower rate, Huber said. The key is the North Atlantic Ocean, which is much wider today than it was 50 million years ago — wide enough for water to slosh across once per 12-hour cycle, creating larger waves and very high tides that result in shoving the moon faster, he said. –MD
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15 Responses to Moon being pushed away from Earth faster than ever

  1. marybell says:

    And why is this important? Doesn’t the Bible say there will be signs in the sun, moon and stars? Just accept it and move along.


  2. hilly7 says:

    I have to say I dismiss this based upon the age they give.


  3. Lol! I love it when I get to laugh at the foolishness of “this worlds “wisdom””! Even SCIENCE doesn’t support “this” science!!!
    God controls the orbits, the Sun or Moon, planets ANY of them even a millimeter off from where they are and the whole universe is changed! Much less the earth!
    Nope the planets, Sun, moon and stars are EXACTLY where they are supposed to be!


  4. Jude says:

    if true then i cld associate this to effects of greenhouse gases. Glacier melting, ocean expansion due to temperature rises, and now moon shifting away


  5. Dennis E. says:

    Wow, I always thought it was the effect of the moon’s limited gravity and the rotation of the earth that effected /controlled tides on earth. The science explanation.

    God tells the water how far it will flow on the land.


  6. Gary Redmond says:

    I realize that I always loose this argument, but I live in hope. Newton’s first law clearly states that once put into motion a body remains in motion at the same speed. The Earth and Moon were put in motion around each other at some time in the past. The distance of separation between the Earth and Moon is controlled by the law of gravity and the speed of rotation. Therefore unless something applies a force to the Earth and the Moon to change their speed of rotation or something changes the universal law of gravity. Their distance of separation will remain constant. However the Moon’s sidereal month is shorter than its anomalistic month therefore it can be shown that the sidereal month can grow longer in circumference hence a greater diameter while remaining within the much longer anomalistic month, which likewise has a greater radii.


  7. BA says:

    All the disastrous, convoluted actions of the various governments such as war, nuclear activities, weather modification procedures taking place must have an impact. The incredible strain on the natural atmospheric shields as a result of generating horrific activity in the earth’s vicinity could have a negative impact regarding the moon’s relationship to earth.


  8. Wiseguy says:

    I like this picture, I know it’s not proportionnal but it reminds me about all those Apollo’s pictures showing Earth too small in the sky. Earth from the moon should be 4 times larger than when we see the moon from earth. In Apollo’s pictures, it’s about the same size as the moon !!! Strange indeed…


  9. ALL Great Points! Distance from Earth to Moon, Earth slowing down leading to slower yet higher tides, glacial melt… All great. But their study is backwards as they began with the incorrect variable. IF you do not begin with the correct body as the constant, it will appear as if the OTHER one is moving in relation TO IT. The tides -DO NOT- affect the distance of the Moon… but QUITE the opposite. You figure it out from there. Click on my website in this post for a more detailed explanation.
    – Marc ‘the Arc’ Turian, Proffessor of Heliophysics, Boulder CO


  10. tonic says:

    The Moon and the Earth are, always have been, intertwined. A giver of life to our oceans which science says was our birth place. And even though we have visited there and lost interest later, it still has mystery and awe. What can match it’s reflection off a lake or pond in late evening.
    To me at least, it’s a beautiful gift from God. But it’s drifting away….


  11. IDNeon says:

    Does anyone realize how stupid this sounds? The moon somehow is pushed away from the Earth by the tides but the area of water surface was always the same even if the atlantic is bigger it is at the expense of the pacific which is now smaller.

    So not only is the moon magically going up when apples fall down from trees.

    But the atlantic is amazingly the secret culprit. STOOPID


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