7 Responses to Why a U.S. war with China would go very badly for the United States

  1. China has been able to take full advantage of America’s naivete to bring itself fully into the 21st century. China stealing our military secrets is nothing new for they have been doing it with the tacit complicity of our own government since the 90s when Bill Clinton chose to look the other way and even made it easier for companies to sell sensitive information and material to China; why has nothing been done to stop it? American companies are not the only entities that have been helping China catch up to the US for our own government through laxity and design is also responsible. Anyone who doubts China’s intentions should try to debate via comments on news sites like Yahoo when they post articles about China and its territorial ambitions; I have, and to a man (or woman) they very quickly fall back on boasting about the “Great War” that China is planning to launch against America. Don’t let their willingness to accept our money and assets lull you into believing that China has peaceful intentions, for it does not; they are just lulling us into complacency while they line their own pockets.


  2. Colonel says:

    Not to mention the fact we are outnumbered 1.3 billion to 312 million……….


  3. gualm says:

    Can’t blame hacking on Obama – they have been doing this for years even when Bush was in office. Maybe they should hire women instead of men who fall for any piece of tang that’s placed in front of them. Also how can you defend hacking if technology jobs our constantly out-sourced to non- Americans who don’t neccessarily have patronage to America but are just glad to have a job. They take this technology experience and use it against us because Corporate America – which includes gov contract companies are more concerned about making $$ at the cheapest way possible even if it threatens national security. We see this in the privitization of prisons too. Who cares if millions of black men are in jail or low income whites with sentences even some murderer s don’t receive as long as a bed is filled!!!


  4. Joseph t Repas says:

    Nothing new under the sun! same thing brought Samson down in the Bible.


  5. John B. says:

    The Chinese, as a people, have a very long view of life and politics. While the western powers plan in terms of 5, maybe 10 years. And are beholden to electoral cycles. The Chinese on the other hand plan in terms of 100, 200 and 500 years. They believe in their own manifest destiny in Asia and have always viewed it as theirs to own and control. Their military budgets and espionage activities reveal a nation preparing for war to reclaim their former empire. In our lifetime they again will be the worlds biggest power and all of Asia will be at their feet. And they know they must eliminate the U.S. as a force in the Pacific to achieve their goal.


  6. we have only ourselves to blame,for it is we the people that have sat idly by and got hooked on reality shows and just let our crooked government get completely out of control and have not done anything at all,it will be way too late by the time the sheep wake up.


  7. tellthetruth1 says:

    What people in government fail to recognise, and pray over is that the Lord sets people’s boundaries. Acts 17:26 gives just one small glimpse into that, and there are many other Scriptures teaching us the same thing. The biggest thing that must be done is to secure our boundaries in each country. Not to keep allowing everyone from everywhere come in and take us over. Of course, there’s much more to say about this. How the government wants to ‘secure’ the Internet is another point. It’s far too late for that! People talk. Everywhere. We are now able to communicate worldwide with people we will never meet. We’re scared of being spied on and having lists of words that are watched which we use in our media and in our own chit-chat. No government can watch it all, even though they want to. Going back to God is the only answer. If we don’t, we have to pay the consequences.


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