Heavy rains turn roads into rivers in Norway

May 28, 2013NORWAY Flooding has forced hundreds of people to evacuate from their homes in eastern Norway. The weather has been unsettled across the region over recent weeks, and in just the last couple of days the rain has turned very heavy. Lillehammer reported 64mm of rain on Wednesday, which is more than is expected in the entire month. Melting snow has also added to the problems. On 18 and 19 May, the temperatures in Lillehammer soared to 29C. In the surrounding mountains, this sudden rise in temperature caused the snow to suddenly melt. As the water poured down the mountainside, some of the rivers burst their banks. One of the worst hit towns was Kvam, which is situated along the Gudbrandsdalslagen River. Diggers were being used to try and alter the path of the flood water, but work had to be abandoned because the conditions became too hazardous. 250 people had to be evacuated from the town. Jens Stoltenberg, Norwegian prime minister, visited the town on Thursday to inspect the damage for himself. The saturated ground also triggered several landslides. One in Nesbyen, Buskerud County, was 20 meters wide. The flooding and landslides forced dozens of roads and two major railway lines to shut, but fortunately there have been no reported injuries. –Yahoo News
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2 Responses to Heavy rains turn roads into rivers in Norway

  1. freedom007 says:

    Some regions of Germany had that problem too during last two days; maybe in a milder form.
    We had constant rainfall for more than 48 hrs in most part of our country and in some districts one road or the other was unusable for being flooded, and yards and gardens had turned into pools.
    In our village and the neighboring small town, however (Bad Driburg, 80 kilometres west of City of Hannover – look it up on GoogleEarth, American readers, to have an idea where that is) no problems were seen or reported. It was just all drenching wet, very dim-lighted with clouds hanging really deep, rather cool (ten to fourteen degrees Centigrade during daytime) and very windy.
    Our situation seemed to be nothing beyond a normal rainy period during a German summer.

    Now the rain is gone and a warm sun dries the fresh-washed landscape. The radishes and kohlrabi on my veggie patch visibly grew bigger during the “flood”… so at least to me there is no reason to complain! The road in front of my home was steaming this morning. And I had my morning bowl of muesli sitting on the sun-warmed stone-slabs of the main path in my garden.


  2. Ellen Andrews says:

    Please also remember the villages along the Yukon River in Alaska are flooding now. Galena is under water today.


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