5 Responses to Israel preparing to survive annihilation: warns of threat of surprise war and attacks on multiple fronts

  1. Dennis E. says:

    Ok. it is not if a mid east war happens, it is just when and that can happen any day now it seems.
    However, it seems that Israel is committed to the destruction of certain weapons that they feel pose a direct threat to them. Presently, I am surprised that Israel has not struck the reported surface to surface missiles Syria has readied for launch in the event of another air strike.
    Reports have also stated that Israel would strike the newly delivered Russian S-300 anti-air craft missiles even if Russian support personal were killed. That is very a bold statement.
    I believe at this time, Israel is laying the foundation for a pre-emptive strike that may include weapons of mass destruction. Israel has done this before, that is, a pre-emptive strike but without weapons of mass destruction.
    I am under the belief that if a middle east war between Israel and the Arabs occurs, we could see
    extensive terrorist strikes here in the USA.

    We live in a world of constant chance……….don’t we……..


    • Terry says:

      Maybe Dennis,however the prudent question to ask following your extensive terrorist strikes within the US is who is actually doing the strikes,bearing in mind the cui bono angle coupled with one countries propensity & history of carrying out false flag operations.

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  2. Irene C says:

    Things are really shaking up. The U.S. is having violent tornadoes, China is having environmental problems, the Mid-East is ready to explode, and today there two large quakes in the Tonga region, a 7.4 followed by a 6.6. I hope everyone has their seatbelt buckled, this ride is already getting wild.


  3. Puma says:

    Arab countries are destroying themselves at their own destruction.


  4. pst007x says:

    All Israel ever seem to do is warmonger! They help maintain, and escalate problems then cry that they’re the victims. In the end, there will be war, too many Govts trying to achieve their own goals. Whilst humans walk this planet there will ALWAYS be conflict, it’s what we do!


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