Incomprehensible destruction: Authorities lower death toll to 24; number of injured hits 240, including 60 kids

May 21, 2013 OKLAHOMARescuers searched frantically for survivors Tuesday as the death toll from the massive tornado that leveled suburban Oklahoma City was dropped to 24. The sharp decline from the original fatality list of 51 names was likely caused by double counting of victims, authorities said. “We have got good news. The number right now is 24,” said Amy Elliott, chief administrative officer at the Oklahoma City Medical Examiner’s Office. She blamed the earlier high estimate on the large amount of “chaos” in the wake of the twister. All but three of the bodies recovered have been identified and are being returned to their families, she said. The number of injured was placed at 240, with 60 of them being children. The National Weather Service gave a preliminary ranking of EF4 to the twister, meaning it is the second-most powerful type of tornado, with winds up to 200 mph. The devastating storm struck Monday, and by late that night, 51 people were said to be dead and some two dozen children missing. Whole neighborhoods were flattened, families shattered and loved ones unaccounted for in the chaos of wind-scattered debris. Rescue workers combed through the wreckage of two elementary schools as darkness covered destroyed communities. –NY Daily News
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3 Responses to Incomprehensible destruction: Authorities lower death toll to 24; number of injured hits 240, including 60 kids

  1. Irene C says:

    Looking at the damage and listening to some of the severe storm experts, I’m thinking this tornado will end up being ranked an EF5. There are no words to explain the devastation, entire neighborhoods, and these are well-built homes, are just totally wiped off the foundations. It looks like someone took a bunch of stuff and put it in a blender then just dumped it wherever.

    And for today, Tuesday, there are more storms forecasted. One of the areas that needs to watch is the Dallas-Ft, Worth area which is already in a tornado watch. Please continue prayers.


  2. Todd says:

    I also wonder this curious fact — why was Moore,OK hit with FIVE TIMES by Tornadoes in 15 years?? (October 4, 1998; May 3, 1999; May 8, 2003; May 10, 2010; and May 20, 2013) While I don’t know if other cities have been hit “multiple times” like this, (and I suppose so) it still begs the question… WHAT IS GOING ON in Moore, OK…that it is consistently the “target” of tornadoes???



  3. Todd says:

    also…I’m not sure if you have seen this image yet of a movie theater from Moore, Oklahoma…
    Amazing…how literally EACH of the names of these movies (films of worldy ”entertainment”) resemble and echo the sad situation in Moore…



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