5 Responses to Israeli-Syrian powder keg is about to explode: Syria points surface-to-surface missiles towards Tel Aviv

  1. Dennis E. says:

    What a dilemma to be in!
    Russia is transferring s-300 advanced anti-aircraft missiles to syria as well as anti-ship cruise missiles and has warned Israel not to strike Syria again or else! They have moved about 11-14 ships into the med sea. Reports are saying now that just recently, again, Syria used chemical weapons on the rebels. Now, Syria has targeted Israel (tel aviv) with surface to surface missiles and will used them if attacked again.
    Furthermore, additional reports say that Syria is allowing terrorists groups to strike Israel from the Golan heights and last week two mortar shells struck Mount Herman and Iranian agents are on the border.

    My, my………….This could get real ugly here…………..Could we see prophecy fulfilled this month
    concerning Syria, concerning Russia……………No one will be untouched………..


  2. John says:

    If Russia gives Syria full military support, then Israel will really get blasted.


  3. Irene C says:

    This is getting serious. I just get the feeling that we will be seeing Isaiah 17:1 soon. When that happens, it’s going to get nasty. I agree with what Dennis E said – no one will be untouched. Maranatha


  4. Kwazai says:

    these two had been arguing over control of the underground river basin that’s below the dead sea until the shiite and sunni decided change the dictatorship. that dead sea would be an ideal place to pump sea water to feed the underground basin(jordan?).

    most of the war torn areas are desert areas- water would probably be the peace maker. (they’d been arguing over wells for millenia).


  5. Tom says:

    We all need to stand with Israel,The people of U.S.A.stand’s with you we will not let you stand alone.God Bless Israel and the U.S.A. Tom Mc


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