Four fireballs fall over U.S. in 24 hour period

May 20, 2013 SPACE In the last 24 hours the AMS has received confirmed reports about 4 unique fireball events all occurring near 4:00 AM UTC time. The most recent event occurred in Arkansas and Missouri on May 19th near 3:37 UTC. At the same time 3:37 UTC 4 witnesses reported a fireball in Arizona. The distance between these two locations would inhibit witnesses from observing the same fireball from both locations. On May 18th two large fireball meteors were also spotted within an hour of each other, one over the central east coast and another in Colorado. –AMS
contribution Irene
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22 Responses to Four fireballs fall over U.S. in 24 hour period

  1. These seem to be getting more commonly sighted One was seen over the UK too recently.


  2. Dennis E. says:

    Over one year ago, or prior to 12/21/2013, a blogger on this site reported that our solar system
    was moving into a more densely part of the galaxy populated with rocks and debris.
    Alvin, you mentioned also system debris from a planet that has exploded eons ago in the 7th protocol you wrote and published.

    A key word in the posting is “four unique events” These events require investigation, specially since they are unique in nature. No, I am not thinking of an Alien Invasion as in the war of the worlds, but i would be interested in the locations of impact, especially if they were near sites that in the past had a spiritual connection with “gods” people of the past worshiped.

    The uniqueness requires the investigation. Also, parts of the internet is crawling with alleged reports of a rogue planet entering our system. I don’t know if i buy into that or not, but, but, in nearly every disaster movie that the theme is about an approaching metorite that will strike the earth, the tale tale sign of its approach is the early arrival of pieces of it.

    One site did say that this might be a good time to stock up on stuff and I agree with that………..


    • Chris says:

      Well, there is the biblical account of a meteorite called Wormwood in the book of Revelation that does hit the planet. Meanwhile I think that God is just sending us warnings.. throwing rocks at us so to speak. Funny tag at the end of that statement.. but these are ominous warnings on a more serious note. We need to be paying attention to all major natural disasters and other events going on around us, of the natural order and political order also.


  3. Dennis E. says:

    I meant 12/21/2012……………12/21/2013 has not arrived yet and the way issues are shaping up,
    it seems doubtful it will.


    • Coyote's Bro says:

      Hello readers and “friends” if we are going to have supplies get something that is high in vitamin C, like organically grown cayenne pepper, it stores well without a fridge, get vitamin C podwer in a dark container, glass. Try to stay chemical free if you’re not sure what good high dose vitamin C can offer in a time of stress, now is a good time to read up on it. Peace and fireballs.


  4. Jonathan A. Kemp says:

    You should investigate if the fireballs were projectiles from N. Korea! Jonathan A. Kemp JAKemp author Political and Aerospace Scientist USAF Nuclear Weapon Officer Veteran Founder, Troops Home Now

    The Extincti


    • Dennis E. says:

      Jonathan A. Kemp. Dennis E. Here: A very good observation because it is believed that North Korea does have an limited existing capability to launch a missile to strike New York City. Could also have been a ICBM from a submerged submarine.

      As I posted, needs to be investigated…….

      Also, towards the end of Bush’s term in office, off the cost of California, someone launched a missile from a submerged Submarine and the media and goverment
      tried to write it off as an passenger plane taking off. We have seen too many shuttle launches and know the difference between an aircraft taking off and the exhaust of that of a rocket motor. Another report later from the east coast of a similar launch


  5. fran says:

    We’ve had “booms” that sound like objects entering the atmosphere at the speed of light in Arizona, and many others reported nation-wide. Is it possible that we are entering a sort of “field” of these objects?


  6. Tony says:

    I can confirm the Fireball in Arizona. It left a substantial smoke trail across the sky that could be seen for some time after the passing of the meteorite.


  7. Russell says:

    Get on with your lifes you cannot change anything that may happen so make every minute you have on this earth and live it like God would want you too, enjoy.


  8. Then f-5 torneados show up?


  9. Irene C says:

    Every time I step outside, especially at night, I keep looking to see if I see anything. But – not yet.


  10. the missouri arkansas look to be in the same area as the new madrid with the area also seeing small quakes….


  11. Malesa says:

    “I will show wonders in the heavens and on the earth, blood and fire and billows of smoke. The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD.” (Joel 2:30,31) We should better start stocking up our soul and spirit with prayers to get the resilience (faith)we’ll need in the near future…God bless us all!


    • We are entering those times which the BVM has prophesied. As state by state sanctions same-sex-marriage it seems that God’s patience is running out by all the increaed signs in the sky and volcano eruptions and earthquakes. We need to stay on course through prayer and sacrifice.


  12. theknopfknows says:

    Please notice than we have had multiple hits from SOLAR FLARES, we are in Sunspot Maximum, we should expect more of the same, Worrys are forest fires from Fireballs. Maya Says “the Sun will speak to you”, these events are words from the Sun.


  13. tonic says:

    It’s difficult to get past the Russian meteorite, and it’s close proximity to nuclear depots. While fireballs like these pass under the radar on mainstream media, and get brushed under the carpet of “unimportant world events” they are out there.
    What is a fireball? A big shooting star? An object with more energy and density, displayed in combustion ?
    How was it possible to seen with the naked eye, an impact on the Moon, when the Moon is devoid of oxygen, needed for combustion.? If all we could see from the impact was pure heat, then what an impact! We are about 238,857 miles away.


  14. Jim Stewart says:

    I gotta go old school with this one.

    “And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind.” — Rev. 6:13

    Check out and learn the forgotten mans by which God communicates to Creation.


    • Chris says:

      Hmm, Normally one would think of the Book of Revelation as happening after the rapture and into the tribulation.. but, you may have something there Jim. Interesting. Keep looking up.


  15. Dirk D. Cristle says:

    Amen to all of you. Let’s all stay Prayed Up. Amen. Dirk.


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