NASA: Meteor slams into Moon, causes explosion visible to naked eye on Earth

May 18, 2013 SPACEA massive explosion from a meteor which crashed into the Moon was visible to the naked eye on Earth, NASA says. A boulder-sized meteor slammed into the moon in March, causing an explosion so bright anyone looking up at the right moment would have spotted it, NASA said. NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office is reporting the discovery of the brightest impact seen on the Moon in the eight years the monitoring program has run the National Geographic reports. About 300 lunar impacts have been logged over the years but this latest impact, from March 17, is considered much, much brighter than anything else observed. It is understood the space rock left a 20m-wide crater after it slammed into the Moon’s surface at 90,000km/h. “We have seen a couple of others in the ‘wow’ category but not this bright,” said Robert Suggs, manager of NASA’s Lunar Impact Monitoring Program at Marshall Spaceflight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. The blast lasted only about a single second and shone like a 4th magnitude star—making it bright enough to see with just the unaided eye. –Herald Sun
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27 Responses to NASA: Meteor slams into Moon, causes explosion visible to naked eye on Earth

  1. Cydnie says:

    This is never something I usually share with perfect strangers but in this case I am compelled…I had a dream 2 years ago of a meteor hitting the moon then not long after, one hit the earth. There it is fwiw.


  2. Irene C says:

    That IS a little too close for comfort.


  3. David Deerberg says:

    Why did NASA wait two months to say this?


  4. Beverly Barnum says:

    Wonder if it knocked the moon off orbit and now it will collide with us, Fitting end to a really bad species, us!



  5. Dennis E. says:

    This is an understatement. Looking at the moon itself, it appears that it has by happens chance to have intercepted other asteroids or meteorites that might had struck the good earth.


  6. D.K. Sullivan says:

    Certainly, a part of the 7-billion population of the world was looking at the moon at that time and a part of that group must have been photographing/videoing our satellite. Does no one have a photo of the impact?


  7. tonic says:

    How much debris was sent into space, and where is it now.?


  8. Joseph t Repas says:

    Yeah, saw one once through a telescope but it hit towards the other side. All I saw was a sharp stream of light suddenly radiate outward and it was in a fraction of a second…Nasa never saw this one coming either did they?


  9. The Wanderer says:

    HAD it been on course for earth it would most likely burnt up on entry.


    • FireBlade says:

      Our shields are down ie: our atmosphere, we have shifted on our axis due to some heavy nova quakes, chile shifted us 3 degrees off axis, never mimd the Japanese quake!!
      Space bundies (rocks) r getting thru, they r not burning up on entry!!! We are in a weakened state!!!
      Earth is ageing,expanding & being bombarded by solar flares!
      We Could even flip when the sun does!! Stat fact the sun reverses its poles every 22 yrs!! The North Pole is wobbling way more than the south & not to mention the likes of HAARP that points concentrated em waves at our ionosphere , Or geo- engineering ( chemtrails) that are sprayed across the planet daily!! thats right chec the sky above your head, did clouds used to look like that when u actually took the time to notice??!! stat you will now show up on radar as what they spray contains aluminium, barium, (heavy metals) carcinogens, fungi & a whole load of other toxic shit!! Or the fact that every time a sat is launched punches another hole in the atmosphere!!Our Poor ole little blue planet is under a lot of duress & given the fact we are overdue for a pole shift.. Well….


  10. stefano says:

    On the dark side of the moon?????


  11. mike says:

    You would think with all the money NASA has stolen from everyone that they would at least include a pic of the impact site.


  12. Andy Webber says:

    Erm, folks, look at the source. There is film of it there, here is the whole link
    Also, it is likely to have taken time for the people at NASA a few weeks to notice this, clean up the image enough to be certain of it;s source & then to publicise it.
    NASA do a damn find job on (relatively) short funds, at least for this sort of programme, but most of the comments here seem slightly negative about them, not sure why…I very much doubt anyone could have seen it happen, it would only have been a small rock that hit, it is the fact or of the velocity it was travelling at that made it so bright, not the size of the rock. I’d guess it was probably only around the size somewhere between a bag of sugar and a bag of potato’s, not too easy to see from Earth! But when it is travelling at nearly 100,000 KP/H that produced a LOT of kinetic energy. Doubt there was very much material thrown out at all if it was that bright. most of the energy would have turned the rock into a very fine dust, depending upon the angle at which it hit the surface. Such impacts (although not so bright/large) are a fairly frequent occurrence on the moon, as they are upon the Earth, it’s just 99% of impacts on Earth burn up in the atmosphere and become ‘shooting stars’ as they disintegrate.


  13. D.J. Hunter says:

    Wonder what the “Rector” scale mesurement was? seeing that we have several “Moon Quake” monitors (supposedly,assumedly) on the moon, placed there by “Astronauts”. : P (we never landed on the moon, it’s a hoax to keep funding going to N.A.S.A.)


  14. God put the moon there for several reasons and one of them was: To Protect Earth. 🙂


  15. Steve Poe says:

    The moon is covered with craters. Appears as if it gets hit quite often and without much atmosphere, these projectiles don’t burn up the same as the ones that come toward earth.


  16. tonic says:

    Any large impact on the Moon has got to have consequences for us. It’s just too close.


  17. Aaron says:

    Are there any theories regarding climate change on Earth due to meteor impacts on the moon. I mean, climate on Earth is dependent upon the Earth-Moon relationship in orbit. A meteor impact to the moon can knock off the orbit of the moon a few degrees, therefore affecting climate on Earth. I know there are theories of a meteor impacting the moon, causing the moon to lose its orbit, crashing into Earth. But I’m not talking about that. I think there’s a greater concern about meteors hitting the moon and what effect such events have had upon the Earth through time, and what effects those can have in the future.


  18. Johnb698 says:

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