Planet reeling from a swarm of earthquakes over last 72 hours

May 15 - The Extinction Protocol
May 15, 2013GEOLOGYA flurry of earthquakes continues across the planet over the past 72 hours, showing few signs of abatement. Seismic tension continues to build across the Pacific Plate, the Cocos plate (Central America), and the Nazca plate, near South America. Tectonic plate agitation appears to be increasing, along with volcanic pressures under many of the world’s major volcanoes.  –TEP
55th volcano erupts in Alaska: Scientists say small lava flows have been detected on two restless volcanoes in Alaska. The Alaska Volcano Observatory says satellite images Tuesday show the lava partly down a flank of Pavlof Volcano in a low-level eruption 625 miles southwest of Anchorage. Geophysicist Dave Schneider says minor steam and ash emissions are visible from the community of Cold Bay 37 miles away. Pavlof is the second Alaska volcano to erupt this month. Cleveland Volcano, on an uninhabited island in the Aleutian Islands, experienced a low-level eruption in early May. The observatory says analysis of satellite imagery shows a lava flow partly down a flank of the volcano. Ash plumes can be an aviation hazard, but no ash clouds have been detected from Cleveland Volcano in the past week. –Yahoo News
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26 Responses to Planet reeling from a swarm of earthquakes over last 72 hours

  1. Puma says:

    Earth growing bigger?


    • vectorzebra says:

      if this is the case, it would seem to be evidence of the toroid theory of the Earth… meaning it’s “hollow”…


    • Jo says:

      No the Earth is not growing bigger, if anything it is shrinking as the core cools but as that occurs over hundreds of millions of years I don’t think we have to worry just yet! Volcanoes simply occur parallel to plate boundaries (hence the ring of fire around the Pacific because that is one entire plate with edges around the outside) due to less dense magma rising and partially melting the magma and crust above it until it pushes through the crust above the melted plate. They are constantly moving and have been since the crust formed, this is nothing new.


  2. jenny says:

    4 X-class sun flares and CME’s in the past 4 days…this must cause some earth changes.


  3. Amoena Starr says:

    Yes it is speeding up, the old is passing and the new is starting! ❤


  4. mtnwolf63 says:

    The Sun unleashed four X-Class flares in the past 2 days, and now a swarm of earthquakes is occurring simultaneously??? How can this happen??? Are the flares triggering the earthquakes??? Or is some other factor causing both??? Call it… the “X” factor. Hehehe!!!


  5. Marciano says:

    The Mayan calendar Marked the “beginning ” of TRIBULATIONS for the whole world..Nature is tired of ppl. destroying God’s creation! Humans don’t respect Divine rules. The water (tsunami, flooding , extreme rain) wants to wash away; The ground wants to shake off sin (earth quakes, sinkholes) volcanoes want to burn off into a fierce blaze; Animals don’t want to live anymore (thousands of animals dead all over the world!) Nature once was friends with mankind, now is in conspiracy against us.
    This is an apocalyptic prophesy, and the worst is just to begin! Only a strong faith, love and respect To God’s creation (including humans!) will give us the resilience to overcome the times to come, instead of storage food for the flesh, let’s keep the food for the eternal soul. The Bible says it all!!
    Pls. Excuse my limited English.


    • You are correct; THE BIBLE SAYS IT ALL ! You add to your post “Pls. Excuse my limited English” done 🙂 You did very well actually and the post was easy to understand!!Thank you for your input. God bless you !
      Sister in Christ Pam the faith walker


    • murray wright says: are spot on…If people don’t hve a bible,,,,they should surely buy one first and then think about long term storage of supplies….Mother Nature is going to be cleansed and its going to be a bumpy ride for many people…People who think rationally and don’t panic will come out of all this…but in the your fellow man as
      in the end times of our world as we know it may not have any fellow men to be
      with as friends……. If people don’t want to purchase and read the bible..then go to
      Google, and search out Mother Shipton and read her 15th century predictions…..and
      read carefully ….take care…think positive…


    • angela says:

      Yes, though so few understand. They say,”oh, it only seems to be happening more rapidly because of smartphone pics and videos…” to them i say God have mercy,and theWord of God does not LIE nor does it CHANGE,so please get a Bible,or download FREE Bible app through Youversion. Its all in the Good Book,and many besides the Mayans tried to warn us…Hopis…Nostradamus…to name a few,but FIRST WARNING CAME FROM JESUS,GOD IN THE FLESH,THE WORD WITH US! And yes only Faith in GOD and GODLY LOVE will get HUMANITY through this Beginning of Sorrows…and this is only a TITTLE of what has yet to come! I am praying,as I’m sure many others who KNOW are also…Our God’s patience has worn thin,now we will see His Wrath…Lord be with us til it’s FINISHED….And to God be the Glory,and Honour, Forever and Ever!


  6. There was a 4,7 earthquake in Sabratha also last friday the 10th of may (Libya)


  7. Mari Cooper says:

    just found this article–I hope I’m not to blame: I taught tectonic plate boundaries and volcanic activity to my sixth grade yesterday. Tomorrow maybe we’ll talk about something less exciting!


  8. Coyote's Bro says:

    Friends, may the LORD do you no harm in these days of massive change. I don’t know you nor can I direct you to any “life boat”, but now is the time to recheck where your transition supplies are, as well as your people: family and friends. California and the entire west coast seems to be of major concern as it has been in movement for decades, yet the New Madrid is able to stir to action again,
    Lord God is our ultimate “life boat,” humble ourselves–He LIVES!


  9. Alun Hewinson says:

    Once, I rolled a dice five times, and it came up six every time. That was probably also caused by solar flares.


  10. Gayle says:

    5.0 hit outside of Ottawa Canada not two hours ago.


  11. nohomehere says:

    just had 4. ? near haiti


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