UK residents baffled by sudden appearance of ‘bubble storm cloud formation’

May 14, 2013 BRITAINDark, menacing and bubbly – these images show the outstanding phenomenon which materialized over the skies in Shropshire. The skies above Telford formed into dark clouds which turned into grey and imposing bubbles and resembled the advent of an alien landing. The imposing clouds left onlookers questioning their existence and how they had formed. In fact, the clouds, known as the lesser-spotted mammatus – appeared as a lobe and were packed full of ice and rain. According to local forecasters, the clouds created a large thunderstorm which drenched much of Britain over the weekend. The clouds are associated with the powerful storms which can sometimes occur in the summer and are a sign of massive quantities of water vapour. Phil Spencer, a 39-year-old truck driver from Telford, was left baffled by the sudden change in the weather. He said: “I went to Morrisons and looked up and noticed all these weird and wonderful shapes in the sky. It was only there for five or 10 minutes and then just literally went as quickly as it came in.” –Express UK
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12 Responses to UK residents baffled by sudden appearance of ‘bubble storm cloud formation’

  1. That’s exciting. I love these clouds, they’re fascinating.


  2. they’ve had earthquakes up there as well recently….


  3. Chordo Balabaqu says:

    CHEMTRAILS. No doubt.


  4. niebo says:

    “The imposing clouds left onlookers questioning their existence and how they had formed.”

    Was I made this way, created by design? Is there a God? Did He know me before I was born and breathe life into me? Or am I the consequence of chance, of variables, random strands of DNA in knots and hairballs, a product of replication, a consequence of life, living? Did I begin as an amoeba a billion years ago that evolved from a singularity, a self-contained cell of life that, due to entropy, digressed from perfect order into this complex system of jillions of cooperating cells? Am I “better” than I once was, with all of these moving parts? Or . . . just a complicated mutant? Was I gestated, or was I hatched? Was I born, or did the stork bring me? Or . . . wait, wait. Oh, sorry, er, that says that on lookers were questioning the existence/formative experiences of the CLOUDS, not themselves. Ooops.


  5. Everyday this becomes clearer and clearer; geophysical manipulation of the atmosphere and possibly geophysical warfare. Notice how many large earthquakes have struck Bashir Iran in the past two years?
    I know you loathe the topic Allen, and you probably will moderate this comment because I mention geophysical weaponry. But it is a fact of life nowadays. You might consider, that when everyone (except Israel) signed the Nuclear Proliferation act back in the fifties, the use of geophysical weapons were on the top of that list, look it up. Is it that you believe they do not have the technology, or that they would never use it? The Tunguska event was probably Tesla, he claimed to have tested his plasma weapon on a global level. Kind of strange, that it hit one of the only places that it could decimate over a thousand kilometers and not hurt anyone (actually i think there was four deaths attributed to it). You always deny my articles, when I write about CHEM-TRAILS; NASA ADMITTED TO IT LAST MONTH!
    Why do these topics irritate you so much? I wish you would at least look at what has been showing up in rain water, as of late: Nano tech artificially made human red blood cells. In addition, “Morgellons” Disease is a manifestation of a body rejecting the bio-engineering program which has been initiated recently in an effort to save humankind from extinction.
    They started spraying barium and aluminum in the atmosphere after all of the atomic testing, and they having been doing this for forty years, we would all have died long ago if they had not been spraying barium AS A “GETTER” to absorb nuclear isotopes. The aluminum is just so the barium can adhere to something. I ado not care if you publish my comment, or not. I just wish you wou;ld open your eyes to this and write about it.
    You can purchase an old elementary school microscope and see the blood cells in the rain water, however, you need something a little more powerful to see the Nono-technology.


  6. Steven says:

    Get these a lot in West Texas – usually followed by a very heavy T-storm. However, any time the clouds are tinged in a blue or violet color, that’s a good sign of potential tornadic activity.


  7. Patty says:

    They sure had some light behind them….perhaps the Lord is sending more bad angels to earth and this is what we are able to see….cold, freezing, morose, blobby, and miserable. God certainly doesn’t want this in Heaven. Maybe we should make note of what the news in the UK will be in the near future. Nonetheless, we need to send prayers there – deliverance before disaster…


  8. Have had those here in NZ before…..makes you feel very small. Which we are, lol.


  9. dw2027x says:



  10. Warren says:

    Looks like haarp.


  11. RipsNordic says:

    Those are scientifically called mammatus clouds


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