Gaint ice meteor slams to Earth near kids playing in Tennessee

May 14, 2013 GRAY, TN (WJHL) – A Tri-Cities man has video of what appears to be a large chunk of ice that he says fell from the sky on Wednesday (May 8) and landed in a yard in Gray, TN. Andy Miller says his children were playing outside along Keeview Drive off Hales Chapel Road around 4 p.m. when they heard what sounded like a rocket. “They ran into the house shaking,” Miller said. He used his phone to record video of the children inspecting the pile of pure white ice sitting in a gouged out hole in the ground near where they were playing. Miller did a quick web search and found information that lead him to believe it’s a megacryometeor. For what it’s worth, here’s a quick definition we found on line: “A megacryometeor is a very large chunk of ice which, despite sharing many textural, hydro-chemical and isotopic features detected in large hailstones, is formed under unusual atmospheric conditions which clearly differ from those of the cumulonimbus cloud scenario (i.e. clear-sky conditions). They are sometimes called huge hailstones, but do not need to form in thunderstorms.” –WBTW
contribution Irene
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15 Responses to Gaint ice meteor slams to Earth near kids playing in Tennessee

  1. Chris says:

    Nobody thinks this might be a chunk of ice that fell off of an airplane passing overhead?


  2. svartvatten says:

    Chris might be right, such ice drops from airoplane.


  3. Bobi Becker says:

    Curious to see what the experts have to say regarding this ice and did any of the scientists check it out????


  4. marybell says:

    Keep looking up!


  5. Anna says:

    I really do not thing they shouldn’t be playing with it, they have no clue where it came from


  6. svartvatten says:

    “It’s rare, but not unheard of, for ice to fall from a plane. I can recall a couple of cases here in the L.A. area during the past five years. I have never heard of anyone being injured or killed by falling ice,” See


  7. trantor says:

    How big would an ice-ball meteor from outer space have to be to survive re-entry of the Earth’s atmosphere, to be this size when it impacts the surface?


    • jmeans says:

      “Ice ball meteors” as you call them or megacryometeors are not true meteors. As your question suggests, it is extremely unlikely a piece of extraterrestrial ice could survive the heat generated by friction with our atmosphere on entry. Megacryometeors, which is likely what this is, actually form in atmosphere much like more typical hail balls, under very special conditions that are not yet fully understood. About 50 cases of megacryometeor impacts have been reported with ice chunks ranging from .5 kg to 50 kg reported reputably.

      Megacryometeors are easily distinguishable from ice from airplane septic treatment by the lack of disinfecting materials and human waste that cause the classic “blue ice” phenomena of airplane sanitary ice.

      For more info read the wikipage and check out the sources. Sounds like “Jesus Martinez-Frias, a planetary geologist at the Center for Astrobiology in Madrid” is likely the current expert so I’d look for his research for more info.


  8. Jason says:

    Good job parents no more night lights these kids will now forever glow in the dark due to radioactive uranium.


  9. malesa says:

    Nowadays everything’s possible under the sun..and above!


  10. Jacques says:

    There was a chunk of ice that fell from an aircraft in France in a homes’garden near Paris. The ice was dirty yellow and smelly. It was later related to a polish aircraft of which the toilets were leaking outside.


  11. Joe says:

    Most ice falling from aircraft is blue in color since its from a leaking lav. But ice can collect on the landing gear in a cold climate and fall out when the gear is let down to land.


  12. Bruce says:

    Could have been picked up and carried by a waterspout…”Rains of fish and rains of frogs..aura’s sung by mongrel dogs…Something beyond…is reaching out for you…Something beyond…is reaching out…Oh, the real world…is bizarre enough for me…The world as living giya is at hand…Hear her laughing…in earthquake land…The Blue Oyster Cult. Submitted by: Brutorg—the missing link


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