3 Responses to Unprecedented U.S readiness crisis: Air Force strips 17 officers of authority to launch nuclear weapons

  1. shekinah419 says:

    Unfortunately, it makes me wonder where else withing our military, there is neglect and “rot”. We used to be better than this. It is so sad to see this decline, but I guess it is proof someone still gives a hoot, that those lax officers are being addressed. One accidentally flew with live nuke-tipped missiles he didn’t know were on board? Holy Cow! How does that even happen? That’s a pretty big blunder! Wonder how they would have covered that one up if these had somehow been detonated.


  2. Dennis E. says:

    In order for a person to access a nuclear weapon, each one has to have the same knowledge and it has been called the two man rule, in that not one person would have the ability to access, launch a missile or drop a bomb.

    About twenty five years or so ago, matthew broderick stared in a movie “War Games” that featured in the opening scenes a drill in a missile silo of a simulated missile launch. No doubt these officers, who usually spend a lot of time in a hole, with a missile that may not ever be launched, that has probably been there for 30 years,in an era that no one believes that Russia, China, or one of our friends will/would launch a massive missile strike and we would have to respond and they are bored and probably sleeping and may have doozed through an alert drill.

    Yes, this is a problem. This is a big leadership problem. This is a big security problem. This is a big national defense problem.


  3. juju says:

    THE BIG PROBLEM is that only stupid ppl. rules the world!!!


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