Massive hot water geyser erupts in parking lot in Russia

April 19, 2013RUSSIACameras in Russia seem to capture everything from fiery meteors to crazy crashes. The latest video comes from a camera mounted high above the main square in Smolensk, overlooking a busy parking lot on what appears to be a nice sunny day. It takes but seconds for a small cloud of steam, appearing harmless at first, to erupt into a hot water geyser rivaling Old Faithful. What you don’t see from the video are the brick-sized chunks of pavement and rocks that were launched into the air and onto the surrounding vehicles. Within minutes, a large flow of water has flooded the parking area as the natural geyser continues to spew water and steam hundreds of feet into the air. If this happened in our backyard, we would hightail it out of town fearing another eruption of Vesuvian magnitude – yet the locals in Smolensk seem only slightly disrupted, continuing to seek open spots in the parking lot despite the odd chaos mere yards away. –Auto Blog
contribution Stephi M.
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28 Responses to Massive hot water geyser erupts in parking lot in Russia

  1. Nicholas Jenkins says:

    This world is on the verge of collapsing.


    • deniseandros says:

      Let’s face up to some facts here, all of these sink holes opening up and swallowing cars, people homes, and even a pond. Earthquakes and crazy storms. Huge meteors looking like fire fireballs, lighting up the night skis. Solar flares larger than any previously known. Weird thundering sounds coming from beneath the earth. The sound of shofars (trumpets) in the heavens. An increase in wickedness, all of these things are the fulfillment of biblical prophecy. What an amazing time to be alive!


  2. deniseandros says:

    Is the bottomless pit beginning to open? Are the ancient evil spirits about to be unleashed upon the earth? Are these the days of which the ancient biblical prophets spoke? Interesting times!


    • matt says:

      None of those things are happening. There is nothing to suggest any such causes or implications. Nothing but your mind.


      • Don says:

        Have you paid attention to all the rapid increase in all natural disasters, its completely out
        of control Volcanoe activity UP 400% in last year and 1/2, earthquake activity 500% in around the same time period. And the world witnessed the Son of God arrive at the Vatican. I believe all this is the signs from Jesus that Judgement Day is coming real soon.
        So repent all your sins will you still can and let Jesus into your life. And he will keep you safe from harm! As this was his promise to US ALL. May Peace Love And Safety and our Forgiving Lord Jesus always be with you.


  3. tdenbeck says:

    Okay this is incredible – This is not a water main break? I looked up the location of this town, and in terms of my seismic understanding this is well off the normal path.


    • Karen Webb says:

      That was my first thought, but if you look at the first water burst, it’s muddy, although it clears quickly (going from chocolate to choc/vanilla swirl to white within the first minute of the eruption), which would not be unusual for a new thermal feature. I thought this only happened in New Zealand!


  4. Stevie Allen says:

    It is my understanding that many Russian cities are heated with an underground system of steam. Our local university campus is heated this way too. This could have been a major supply pipe rupturing, not a “natural geyser” as described in the article.


  5. Brandon says:

    This is one for the books right here. I can’t say I’ve ever heard of something like this before. I think the galactic alignment of Dec 2012 was most definitely a marking point in time by our Father.


  6. jon b says:

    And this happened after the 7.2? linked in any way?


  7. Steven says:

    This is a very new and ominous development – yet it is being treated like “Oh wow! Isn’t that neat!” But only one thing can be the cause – underground magmatic activity. This is just the beginning – we will see things like this start to pop up in many places throughout the planet, and it won’t be only hot water…


    • Ethir says:

      And you know this how?


      • Anne says:

        Read the bible Revelations by St. John The last Pope sits on the throne during which time Rome will be destrroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge mankind. Watch and Pray God loves you with an unconditional love


  8. lewonton says:

    Look down the street beyond the first, is that another steam cloud there?


  9. Nightturkey says:

    Are we certain this is a natural event and not some kind of pipe rupture?


  10. Coyote's Bro says:

    So some guy will ask the local council if he can open a car wash here, but customers must sign a wavier.


  11. George says:

    While visiting Yellowstone N.P. in 1998 one of the parking lots at a site did the same thing. Although not as large as the one in Russia it was a little disturbing to say the least. Nice to know your car may not be there when you return.


  12. Brian says:

    Another media source said this was an exploding steam pipe under the parking lot, not a natural geyser.


  13. prayntongues says:

    Is this evidence that there is a magma chamber underneath this city? All I can say is if you see steam rising out of the ground, RUN!
    It seems that those plotting against Israel are getting nudges to stop it!


  14. EnTeaJay says:

    The nonchalance of these Russians is surreal! I just love the calm way they observe the spouting water, some drivers even continue parking their cars, even heading towards the geyser. I know they drink a lot there, but are they smoking something else too? Unbelievable.


  15. James C. says:

    What better way to enjoy those last apocalyptic moments than in a giant hot tub?


  16. John says:

    The TV news here in Moscow reports this as a broken pipe. The news here is as trustworthy as the news there [the us].


  17. MegaYacht says:

    Ladies, I lived in Russia for over 3 years, they use high pressure steam to heat their buildings and apartment complexes which are huge. This is nothing new, the old Soviet infrastructure is old and falling apart, what you are seeing is a steam line rupture. Nothing more.


  18. Black Pearl says:

    Another example of the results of Gobal warming 😀


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