U.S. woefully unprepared in troop strength to deal with a collapse of North Korea

April 17, 2013 NORTH KOREA A spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry has said the U.S. is “wholly responsible” for escalating tensions on the Korean peninsula, passionately arguing that the secretive state will refuse to give up on its bid to become a nuclear power. Referring to Secretary of State John Kerry’s calls for open talks with the North, the statement said: “Recently U.S. high-ranking officials are vying with each other to talk about dialogue. This is nothing but a crafty ploy to evade the blame for the tension on the eve of a war by pretending to refrain from military actions and stand for dialogue. It is none other than the U.S which sparked off a vicious cycle of tension, pursuant to its hostile policy to stifle the DPRK by force of arms, and pushed the situation on the Korean Peninsula to the worst phase.” The statement follows a thinly veiled attack on the United States from China’s defense ministry yesterday, who blamed the country for increasing tensions in the Asia-Pacific by ramping up its military presence and alliances in the region. Days after Kerry visited Beijing over tensions on the Korean peninsula, China revealed it is uneasy with what the US has called the “rebalancing” of forces as Washington winds down the war in Afghanistan and renews its attention in the Asia-Pacific. The North has declared it has needed to toughen up its defenses to deal with a hostile West bent on undermining it. “Dialogue should be based on the principle of respecting sovereignty and equality – this is the DPRK’s consistent stand,” the official statement said. “Genuine dialogue is possible only at the phase where the DPRK has acquired nuclear deterrent enough to defuse the U.S. threat of nuclear war unless the U.S. rolls back its hostile policy and nuclear threat and blackmail against the former. This time when the DPRK has been exposed to the U.S. direct and substantial threat of nuclear attack, it keenly felt the need to bolster up its nuclear deterrence both in quality and quantity. The DPRK will escalate its military countermeasures for self-defense unless the U.S. ceases its nuclear war drills and withdraws all its war hardware for aggression,” the statement concluded.” The North also urged its people to be prepared for decisive action to deal with the insults carried out by South Korean anti-communist groups against its leadership, Pyongyang’s state media outlet said today. –Express UK
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19 Responses to U.S. woefully unprepared in troop strength to deal with a collapse of North Korea

  1. Richard Biagi says:

    this has a familiar ring to it.


    • Brimmer79 says:

      I’m not saying the American leaders are always right… That would be rediculous. But I seem to remember N. Korea bringing this upon themselves, there is no need for nuclear weapons unless you have bad intentions. It’s like I said a month ago when this really started firing up, we (America) spoke up to what we saw as being a potential problem and now we (America) are being perceived as the bad guys for seeing the bad intentions behind their curtains. Like the people that speak up against what is wrong, and the good parents that steer their kids into being good responsible people. I think America is doing the right thing and needs to stand our ground on this one, if they want aid, throwing a temper tantrum, swinging their fists, and stomping around isn’t the way to ask. In today’s world we use our words, and politely ask for help, and thank the other person or people for their assistance. Everyone has tough times and for us to come together as a planet we should help out where we can when other have hard times. 🙂 Best wishes to all!


      • Sealed says:

        War is ugly but that might be what it takes to free the North Koreans from captivity. They have been the victims for too long.


      • David says:

        “There is no need for nuclear weapons unless you have bad intentions”. I agree with that statement and it seems that America has its fair share of nuclear weapons.


  2. I wonder why all this rhetoric and posturing back and forth all the time. Is this a male thing?? If I was North Korea (either North Korea or the United States) I would attack the other side secretly and have done with it. Like Israel did in the 1967 war. I thought that was brilliant. These two sides just keep showing their teeth to each other…


  3. Any doubts about North Korea’s intentions should be laid to rest when you read their goal of getting the US to withdraw it’s military from South Korea. The only reason North Korea has been prevented from conquering the South and turning it into the same hellhole that the North is has been the strong US military presence. If we pulled out of South Korea the North woul invade and conquer it within months.


  4. David says:

    I am unfortunately going to have to agree with the true fact that America’s government, not American citizens, is shoving “democracy ” down the throat of the entire world “or else sanctions from hell or worse”. Shoving it down their throats with bullets, violence and rhetoric. Soon enough us citizens are next.


  5. Nam Marine says:

    Make sure and let our enemies know exactly how weak we are so their job is much easier to
    destroy us !…………………MORON’S !


    • katnea says:

      I wouldn’t always believe 100% what the “Express UK” prints out regarding the United States Military…eh? Whenever I read emotional type headlines via the mass medias (or within political emails I’ve received) I always question ‘why’ and ‘whom’ had written the info in the first place. I’ve found that ‘bait-&-hook’ type headlines are used to catch the publics attention and/or stir up fear to increase newspaper sales! The “Express UK” newspaper is no different. (imho) I just have a very hard time believing that any sensitive military info would ever be released…. unless it was a joint disinformation ploy via the U.S. and the UK? Either way…. I am going to keep an open mind though…. as I could be wrong! ; )

      http://www.express.co.uk/ourpaper/view/2013-04-17 <– Hmmm, this "Express UK" comes out in the same tabloid size as our National Enquirer newspaper.

      Have a calm and blessed day everyone…….


  6. Dave A says:

    Nam… I was thinking the same thing. Is anyone questioning why our military would allow this info to go public? I mean we’re just as good as the next country when it comes to using the media for propaganda. But usually propaganda is used to puff up ones might not ones weakness. Something’s up (and that’s a gross understatement). File it all under: Jesus Christ remains our only hope.


    • niebo says:

      “Warfare is the Way of deception. Therefore, if able, appear unable….”

      Sun Tzu, “The Art of War” Chapter One: Calculations

      I’m not saying that is what they are doing, but, well, I hope that’s what they are doing. No, I don’t. I hope that some somebodies come to their senses before this explodes into a war that no one can win.


    • Brandon says:

      I’m with you Dave. Lots of funny business going on of late.


  7. Chanterelle19 says:

    I suggest everyone boycott Chinese goods or, at the least, boycott Walmart. Sometimes money speaks louder than words.


  8. Irene C says:

    My ex-husband was/is an insecure bully. Whenever something went wrong in his life, it was either my fault or his mother’s fault. N Korea reminds me of an insecure bully. It’s always someone else’s fault.

    And Nam, I agree. Let’s just announce to the world that we are cutting our military. Let’s show everyone how weak we are. That would be a brilliant maneuver for someone trying to bring the U.S. down.

    And I still wonder if this isn’t a false flag. We concentrate all of our efforts there and then someone strikes somewhere else? That’s just IMO.


  9. brownie says:

    Wow, america shoving democracy down everybodies throat? Sue me, is this a disinformation site? You all are showing your true colours, including you alvin. Do the maths boy, you all need to catch a wake up, don’t divide u got to unite. End of the day its your back you need to cover. We all are 1 trust me, its the war of good and evil and I see clearly the evil 1. Thank you God


  10. Texas Listening Post, Tony says:

    North Korea is causing the US to move more resources into an area the Chinese have all intentions to want to control. If China did not want this to happen it would not happen. Should the US move large amounts of military equipment and personnel into this area then those US assets are well within the striking range of Chinese tactical missiles. To me this is a well thought out Chinese trap.


  11. Oliver says:

    The US obviously needs to hire me to consult in their wargames i ha a very smart easy way to fix this ……


  12. unclearron says:

    North Korea is a distraction by the MSM to divert attention from hot issues arising in the US. If you dont know what the hot issues are in the US its because the only source you may be looking at is the MSM which is a controled government entity. Ask yourself why you even care about North Korea right now and where all your bias of other countries have come from? Of all the things occurring, why NK and why now?


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