Japan’s volcanic island rocked by dozens of earthquakes

Japan April 17
April 17, 2013JAPANMore than a dozen earthquakes, one of them magnitude 6.2, rocked a volcanic island south of Tokyo Wednesday, the national meteorological agency said. There were no immediate reports of injuries or property damage from any of the quakes and no risk of a tsunami, the agency said. The biggest tremor, with its epicenter located near Miyake Island some 180 kilometers (110 miles) south of Tokyo, was registered at around 5:57 pm (0857 GMT), the Japan Meteorological Agency said. “There may be slight changes in the level of sea along Japan’s coast but there is no fear of damage resulting from this quake,” the agency said. There had been 13 minor quakes near the island – an active volcano – since 10:15 am (0115 GMT) Wednesday. A small earthquake was also registered four minutes after the 6.2-magnitude tremor, the agency said. The volcano erupted in 2000, forcing all 3,800 islanders to evacuate. Many of them have since returned to the island. –ASIA ONE
Seismic Watch 3
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11 Responses to Japan’s volcanic island rocked by dozens of earthquakes

  1. Irene C says:

    And Oklahoma is still shaking.


  2. joemozden says:

    This doesn’t include the swarm at Fukushima… Sad to say, but I think Cayce’s prediction will soon come to pass.


  3. wayne pearson says:

    Hi Alvin. There have now been EIGHT MAJOR(6.0 and above) or GREAT(7.0 and above) earthquakes in the last 12 days. That’s nearly one per day during this period. The quake swarm continues apace at the Ryukyu Islands in Southern Japan. I still think that there will be another GREAT or MEGA quake soon as this current elevated level of MAJOR/GREAT quakes is eerily similar to the period in 2011 that lead up to the MEGA quake off the East Coast of Honshu, Japan on March 11th, 2011 at a magnitude of 9.0. Time will tell!!!


    • It definitely bears watching. First, swarms in the Santa Cruz Islands, now Ryukyu. Oceanic plates are becoming more agitated from the changes now stirring vibrantly within the planet’s interior. Change is upon us…


      • wayne pearson says:

        Alvin, what’s happening with the crust of the earth itself as I don’t understand much about that side of things at all. Please explain briefly and as simply as possible what is happening here. Thank you and many blessings to you my new friend. Cheers!!!


      • J

        Japan, like the Philippines, sits on the crossroads of many adjoining plates. The geological stresses exacted on volcanic islands from massive shifts in tectonic plate kinetics and magmatic changes, within the planet’s interior, will claim many of the island chains in the Pacific. In the ensuing confusion, the planet will unwind many of the processes that created many of these islands and archipelagoes; and many will be swallowed by ocean trenches.


  4. wayne pearson says:

    Hi Alvin. Since the earthquake swarm started yesterday in the Ryukyu Islands in Southern Japan there have now been SO FAR no less than 16 minor to moderate quakes in that region of Japan measuring in a range of 4.2 and going up to 5.0. I think that this may well be the build up to a much larger one there Alvin. What do you think about the situation unfolding there at the moment?


    • Img
      It bids watching closely. The second major sea-floor disturbance in less than 4 months tells us the planet’s geology is morphing rapidly; and drastic changes will result. There is nothing random or inconsequential about the Santa Cruz swarm or Ryukyu…and we should bear in mind, that the watery surface of the planet is now convulsing from changes which sooner or later, will make their presence known on land.


      • wayne pearson says:

        Well said Alvin. I’m so glad to see that you are so informed, knowledgeable, intelligent and AWAKE when sadly so many people are in a stupor or spiritual coma. Keep up the good work. Cheers!!!


  5. wayne pearson says:

    Hi Alvin. The swarm continues unabated at Ryukyu Islands in Southern Japan near Taiwan. Since my last comment a few hours ago there have been another 3 more quakes with the last one just happening in the last hour at a magnitude of 5.3 which is the biggest one there so far. I still think this is building up to something very momentous Alvin. Stay tuned brother. God bless you always. Shalom!!!


  6. Kajajuk says:

    There appears to be a ‘swarm’ of swarms happening in as little as 3 days and as much as a week all around the ‘ring of fire’.
    Chile/Central America/Hawaii/Tonga/Indonesia/Japan/Iran/Russia
    How usual is this sort of activity?


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