18 Responses to North Korea states ‘nuclear war is unavoidable’ as it declares first target will be Japan

  1. M.a.d says:

    Never going to happen, some thing bigger is going to happen, I don’t think it is going to be man made,


  2. PKK says:

    Is it just me, or do any of you feel that this whole scenario is a sham and a manipulation? North Korea desperately needs trade and money. Many countries refuse to give it to them and their people are starving. I think this is either a nuclear black mail threat for cash or a false flag opportunity… why are so many leaders of mankind mad men?


    • John B. says:

      I wish it was a sham. However, the reality is that China is pushing this whole thing as part of their very real plan for world hegemony. They have cornered the market in natural resources, arable land, strategic ports and canals, western debt and cyber-warfare. They will use the outbreak of war to make a big push in acquiring land in Asia. As far as mad men – listen to King Crimson’s song “21st Schizoid Man” Welcome to the 21st century.


    • Dingo says:

      Only takes one degenerate to bring it all crumbling down, Kim Jong is only one of the blights on Human civilisation, these festering sores need to be lanced and bled dry, easier said than done, God help us
      If you want to listen to a tune that hits the nail on the head
      End Of Days by Vinnie Paz


    • Magenta says:

      PKK, Your last question has an answer, one word, psychopaths. Psychopaths want power over other people more than anything else, in their twisted minds. One psychopath in power of a country, can do a lot of damage. What people fail to realize is that a psychopath can put any award winning actor, to shame. Its all about trickery, so they wear a mask, so to speak, to hide their true intentions. Psychopaths have wrecked havoc on the planet. When the majority of us can live in peace, the spath is always stirring up trouble. They feed off of the suffering that they create. Fear is used a lot, to try and control people and it usually works. Spath’s are smooth, they are good at hiding in plain sight, they don’t all appear to be out of control. You can study them and learn the red flags and behavior patterns that they will display.


  3. SoSO says:

    War is so childish, so immature. It’s like little children squabbling over toys – It makes me SICK.


  4. NK has done this before, they use these ploys to get financial aid and bargaining chips to negotiate, but what will they do when the rest of the world refuses to play the game with them anymore?


  5. Chris says:

    Despite all compassion for the human race that I have. I don’t think trying to negotiate peace, nor any kind of diplomatic action, or increased sanctions with N. Korea is going to work. We already know it isn’t working with Iran. I thusly propose that one of the Big Three (Russia, China or America) impliment a pre strike of nuclear proportions. Let the chips fall where they will afterward. The people of N. Korea? They have let this tyrant (family) rule over them. While this latest event in their history may not be their fault, nor even possibly foreseen by them, there are casualties in war, sadly. But the worlds problem would be solved. I don’t think there would be much of a complaint from other nations if any about and resolve to accomplish this. Afterward, S. Korea could possibly integrate N. Korea into their national and governmental system. The N. K. people would probably welcome the abundant prosperity which is what they have yearned for for so long. the then complete Korea nation would then be officially recognized as sovereign (not under the influence of the U.S. or China, or Russia or any other country. Plausible scenario.. and best circumstances assumed. But I don’t see any other way out of winning against a nuclear armed country dead set on regional as well as it’s own destruction… however ignorant or not ignorant of that fact the leaders of such apparently are. Sorry, just sayin’…. my opinion. War is never an option.. but when it comes right down to it and there is no other option, the aspect of war, the possibility of it must be stopped dead in its tracks.. it accomplishes nothing but destruction in whatever form or means.


  6. Frank O'Dell says:

    Where to start? 1st off, earth is a fined tuned engine, that filters out most radiation. Man building nuclear anything, should have never happened period! Makes me sad to see all the greed and madness, from man! We didn’t have to be here, earth is a gift to all of us. Why would anyone want to poison her, is beyond me, not to mention blowing her up and killing the life on her. Now the question arises, Does man deserve to be here? Being a man about all of this, my answer is probably not. When man stops loving power, and begins to love the power of love, only then will we deserve to be on earth, as well as living in PEACE!


    • Magenta says:

      Thanks Frank for your candid and insightful thoughts on mankind. The logic behind nuclear enery does not exist. Then to build them on the coasts and faultlines? Would someone in their right mind, do this diabolical deed? Unfortunately, many will pay dearly for the decisions of a few policy makers. I think most people want peace and harmony, seems like a select few, create the chaos and violence we see in the world. These few try to keep us living in fear. I can so imagine living in a world without these trouble makers!


  7. gilbertc6@gmail.com says:

    The threat of Nuclear war from North Korea is , if started a threat to all the Middle East as this war wont stop just at the Korean Peninsula, Iran will be next, as once the war mongers finish with Korea and they will finish and devastate the North , their eyes will turn to that Wackjob in Iran and settle this nut once and for all. I would not be surprised if Israel jumps into the action without a invitation as they have had enough of Iran also. It very well seems to me that the first SEAL has been opened and the rider of the white horse has come.


  8. Irene C says:

    The idea of them celebrating the birthday of Kim Jong-un’s grandfather, Kim Il-Sung, is a frightening one. Kim might actually do something to mark that occasion, such as sending — or threatening to send — a medium-range missile into the territory of his grandfather’s favorite enemy, Japan. Kim Jong-un doesn’t seem to think like most rational people. He’s out to make an impression. Although those of us who value peace, mercy, and love might retaliate in self-defense if we’re hit first, we can’t understand the thinking of a warped mind who might want to celebrate by wiping out a supposed enemy. By the time Sunday afternoon strikes in the U.S., so will the 101st birthday of Kim Il-Sung, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see if it’s all bluster or not. Although I pray for peace, I also know that there will be no peace until the Prince of Peace comes.


  9. nickk0 says:

    This is astonishing.
    So = Japan states an intention to *defend* itself = and gets threatened, by N.Korea, for stating that they will defend themselves ?? 😕

    Not to say that N.Koreans are crazy people… but their leader, appears to be a Madman.
    If he is a Madman, then we can not count on him, to be ‘rational’.

    I would like to know if the South Korean intelligence community (or the CIA, or the Mossad, or MI5, etc.) has any ‘intel’ on Kim Jong Un’s personal history, personality, and ‘state of mind’..
    As I recall, Saddam Hussein’s ‘state of mental health’ was called into serious question, based upon his personal history. (Killing people without any remorse).
    He turned out to be, not so rational…. And miscalculated and misjudged the determination of the USA and it’s Allies, to keep him from taking Kuwait… or moving into Saudi Arabia.


  10. Dennis E. says:

    Presently, the main stream media is ate up with the information that was released in a committee
    meeting that North Korea could hit the USA mainland with a Nuclear Warhead that could be fitted onto a Intercontinental Missile. BAH! BAH! BAH!
    This was a planned govermental press release.
    Flash back to the Cold War Years and flash forward to 2013.
    Russia and China: And perhaps a few of our alleged friends, still, I repeat, still have Nuclear Weapons in underground missile silos, on submarines and Aircraft aimed at US……….
    The Cold war did not die in principal, it is still here.
    Many of you have heard the term “minimization ” of the fitting a nuclear war head on top of a missile and they may have gotten this ability from either the Russians or from China, who got it from us, from the Clinton Administration, allegedly, according to past reports on the internet.

    And the show goes on and it still could get nasty. However, being part of the program, we will eventually move to a situation that is so terrible, that the world will want to be delivered and restructured. Thus, The New World Order. One goverment, One religion and One economy and redistribution of Land, wealth and perhaps food.

    Also, also, prepare for a ET revealing and contact…….world will look for a deliverer……..


  11. North Korea should spend more time feeding its people


  12. Joseph t Repas says:

    Seeing all of these world leaders making their babbling rhetoric is like watching the three stooges but with bombs instead of tools or pointy fingers. Also, let’s not forget that God appoints these people to be leaders from the choices societies make….The sins of fools in the USA and elsewhere have had plenty of influence on this NK leader to be in power. We murder innocents here and call them evil… we influence with affluence but others are evil for coercing others…CNN had a report on the propaganda in NK regarding the brain washing of the people to worship their leader and we have had the same here with Obama..either singing songs such as Obama’s on fire! Having children forced to sing his praises in classrooms etc. [ all past news items ]…We push so much filth and egotism around the world, yet we decide which regimes should be in what countries, yet, it is evil for other countries to do it. WE live in a society of feel good at any cost, even if it’s someone else’s life and we will soon be paying for this attitude as directed by God himself.


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