7 Responses to North Korea tells foreigners in South to take safety measures

  1. Joy Thompson says:

    Anybody who would go to that area as a tourist at this time doesn’t have the sense that God gave a goose. Just sayin.


  2. Lisa V says:

    Great Map


  3. Antilluminati says:

    How many people here think that NK will start a war? I follow this everyday on your site because were i came from (the Netherlands) you see nothing on the news. Thanks Alvin.


  4. Nancy Coleman says:

    I get that the North Korean leadership is interested in only one thing — to reduce their population and those of their neighbors. The elite will be stored away in bunkers or hidden in foreign countries. They just want to get rid of their extra people by sending them to war. Last summer I read a post about soldiers in the North Korean army killing civilians and selling the meat. The North Korean government does not care about the common citizens.


  5. Irene C says:

    I do believe that I would be leaving. Just saying…..


  6. John B. says:

    Looks like a duck. Walks like a duck. Sounds like a duck. Let’s stop the collective denial, please. This regime is about to start a war that will escalate to world-wide proportions. So it would behoove us to prepare spiritually, emotionally and physically.


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