Unexplained mystery booms rumble across lower Michigan

April 8, 2013MICHIGANThe calls started to flood into the Branch County 911 Center around midnight. Each one reporting deafening loud booms and everyone believed the boom happened somewhere close. “We just heard a really loud bang outside our house and me and my kids are really scared, I don’t know what it is and now we’re afraid to outside,” says one caller. “I didn’t see anything but I heard a big boom…it was like a big boom like someone was kicking in the door,” says another caller. It was the talk of the town in Union City Wednesday, everyone with their own theories on what caused it. “It sounded like a cannon going off is the only way I can describe it, kind of like a thunder boom but it was only the one time,” says Michelle Reincke who lives in Union City. “I think it’s aliens to tell you the truth, I think it’s aliens coming down to earth see us,” says Tomika Dow. And adding to the mystery, this is not the first time.  One night last may the booms woke people up in Branch County and were heard all the way to Calhoun and Kalamazoo counties. “It’s the same time as last year, we had these loud crashing noises like either an explosion or a sonic boom kind of an earthquake,” says Cynthia Shattuck. There were no earthquakes recorded in the area overnight, the National Guard base in Battle Creek says there were no flights there last night. –WWMT
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14 Responses to Unexplained mystery booms rumble across lower Michigan

  1. when we had our first quake in 100 years we herd a sonic boom then the ground let loose ..


  2. Nate Lowery says:

    I live a small Indiana town near the border of Michigan and have been hearing these booms every now and then for the past month. I check outside, inside, no weather issues. Nothing has fallen around me that I can see. Interesting stuff.


  3. Jared Wain Jarvi says:

    Most ground movement is in the infrasonic range how ever is the possibility of crustal plate moving and snapping one of the causes of the energy pop waves herd?


  4. Karen Worley says:

    I was visiting family in North Phoenix this past Christmas. I also heard the loudest boom I had ever heard. It woke me from a sound sleep around 1:30 a.m. I waited to hear sirens, thought that possibly a transformer blew or a fatal car accident caused this loud sound, but nothing followed this boom. The next
    evening the local Phoenix news stated that West Phoenix heard an unusually loud boom approximately 1:30p.m., again no one had a clue as to what caused this very loud boom.


  5. Question are they double or single booms that people are hearing ? Aircraft do double booms when breaking the sound barrier. Could be methane explosions too and start of earthquakes by rocks cracking underground. STRANGE STUFF FOLKS Mark


  6. Lets talk about fracking, they drill underneath houses, towns, cities, if the drill hits the earths crust there is likely to be a boom echoing underground.


  7. James says:

    Too bad that boom wasn’t coming from the economy!

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  8. Nick says:

    Loud boom heard at 1:15 AM in Toronto, Ontario, Cannada on Jan 3rd 2014….also previously heard on Dec. 24th, 2013 prior to midnight…..ear shattering…shook the house….woke a family of four out of a dead sleep

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  9. Barb says:

    Going back to 2012, if that’s permissible. I live approximately 25 miles south of Kokomo, IN in a fairly rural location. During the 2nd week of November, 2012, I heard what sounded like a cannon firing, much like the cannon sound I’ve experienced while attending football games at The Citadel in SC. Except this cannon sound was much louder. I didn’t notice any tremors or shaking of our house nor did I observe any flashes of light. This cannon sound did not occur anywhere near the time of the gas explosion that destroyed several houses on the southside of Indianapolis.


  10. Phil Mulkins says:

    We had an unexplained loud boom a few hours ago in Paris, IL! Sounded like a huge cannon firing. I tried piecing together some sort of map according to the people on facebook who heard it and it was heard approximately 15 – 20 mile radius of town. Police has no idea what it was. Sounds to me like this boom is very similar to these stories. Very odd! I wish some professionals would explain why this is happening.


  11. beadsunderfoot says:

    In North East lower MI, I/we hear the booms weekly. It sounds like thunder off in the distance, or cannon firing. There are a lot of military jets both in Alpena and Graying MI…are they the cause? We hear the booms weekly, and sometimes repeatedly on the same day…30 seconds to minutes apart. Does anyone know what is the cause? The booms are not real loud, but very noticeable


  12. Interesting. This is 3 years after this article. We are in Michigan City and just now heard a really loud boom twice spaced at about 10 minutes apart. Fire department said it was probably kids playing with fireworks but I highly doubt it was that. Can a firework shake your house and be heard at several miles away? (I believe several miles away really not sure) At first I thought a plane crashed nearby or someone ran into our house. We are near railroad tracks so I thought maybe it could have something to do with that. I know there are articles that Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan are on some fault lines. Surely I hope we are not going to start getting earthquakes. Maybe a sonic boom? I have also in the past seen large blue ball of light in Michigan although I travel in the tri-state area often and can’t remember the specific locations I have seen these balls of light. Several times they were a bright yellowish orange. Only once have I seen a bright blue on in Michigan. Weird.


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