17 Responses to Money, religion, politics: The shifting landscape of the New World Order and the approaching cashless society

  1. John Durango says:

    The pope, the Black Pope and VP Biden all Jesuits


    • davide says:

      You are right, the word was distracted to the black color of the Pope’s skin, but here we are talking about the color of his soul. The classic wolf disguised like lamb.


  2. Michele B says:

    Having been raised Catholic (am no longer) I’ve had high hopes for this pope. I realize things are not always as they seem, but I pray he’s the real deal!


  3. Irene C says:

    And all it would take is one CME or EMP to bring down everyone’s economic system. Ever try to buy groceries with a credit card during a normal power outage? And what about people who don’t own smart phones – like me? Or will that become a requirement? Oh, just implant a microchip on the back of the hand or forehead. That would make it so much easier. Ah, I think I’ve heard about this. And unfortunately so many sheeple will just follow along. Nothing better than new cool technology. 😦


  4. John says:

    BitCoin, what a pathetic name; reminds me of Bitter Coin, Bite Coin or Bite Con. Could not come up with a more stupid name than Bitcoin?


  5. luis says:

    stop trying to implicate Popes with Illuminaties..thta shows lack of knowlwdge and wisdom..how can a church so persecuted and mocked go hand in hand with the elitists..talk about the ecclesiastical masonry if you like, masons infiltrated, but do not generalize


  6. lagalog says:

    Hi Alvin,

    So, the stage seems set for implementing the mark of the beast where no one who has not received it can trade or buy. Curious times we live in.

    I was also taken aback by a full-page advert in today’s newspapers here in the Philippines. A U.S.-based entity buying gold — any kind, even broken ones. The sleeping masses and sheeple seem not to discern what’s this “gold rush” is all about.




  7. Dennis E. says:

    There is a report on the internet that after assuming the duties of the papacy, the current Pope visited some burial vaults in the deep parts of the vatican. Anyway, the report is that upon leaving the area and climbing the stairs, he became involved or overcome in deep prayer and made several confessions and those who were with him at the time, believed they saw that the spirit of peter came on upon him and in him. Thus “Peter the Roman“? That is the report at least.

    Regarding paying by mobile phone, you will need a metal case I think to prohibit hackers from stealing your personal info. Eventually it will go to your hand or forehead and that may be the reason they say they will do it because there could be personal biological DNA, RNA they could use to mask identity theft.

    Also, Christians are being considered to be ID’ by DHS as extremists because of belief of The Bible and our heavenly allegiance. Yes, that is true and another recommendation was that law enforcement should keep them under observation….Just a comment I read………

    The anti-christ is about to make his appearance.
    Oh yes……. a few weeks ago I read an article that a Muslim female journalist is stirring thought regarding her support/proposal of the rebuilding of Solomon’s Palace on The Temple Mount in Jerusalem and believes it will happen with Muslim and Jewish Support!

    Now, how about that!


  8. Emanni says:

    Definitely a ginormous bubble.


  9. any wonderin about roberto calvi, vatican bankster found hung under a bridge?


  10. Got a question for Alvin…
    Will we Christians be faced with the question of whether or not we will receive the Mark of the Beast?


  11. Sue Rat says:

    Why am I no longer on your mailing list. What did I do wrong. Whatever it was I’m sorry. The only thing I can think of was because I thought the fires in Australia were started by jihadis. I now know it was australian kids who started them. I was wrong . S

    Sent from my iPad



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