April surprise looms? North Korea tells British diplomats to be out of the country by April 10

April 5, 2013NORTH KOREARogue state North Korea today sparked fears that it could trigger a nuclear strike as early as next Wednesday. Crackpot Kim Jong-un’s regime today issued a chilling threat to British diplomats warning them to get out of Pyongyang. Alarmingly, the North Korean government said it would not be able to guarantee the safety of embassies from April 10. Russian diplomats have also been advised to evacuate. Today the Foreign Office added that it is “considering next steps” after the threat. It is still unclear why next Wednesday has been set as a deadline – but it is sure to spark fears despot Kim Jong-un will launch an attack after that date. This week South Korean workers employed in factories in the North were also told to leave by April 10. The dramatic development came as North Korea moved a second missile to its east coast in a further threat to Japan, South Korea and US Pacific bases. The rogue state has already transported a Musudan missile with a range of 1,800 miles (3,000km) to the same area. Today, a Foreign Office spokesman reportedly said: “We can confirm that the British Embassy in Pyongyang received a communication from the North Korean government this morning. “It said that the North Korean government would be unable to guarantee the safety of embassies and international organisations in the country in the event of conflict from April 10.” In a statement, the Foreign Office added that it is “considering next steps” after the North Korean regime asked overseas missions if they were considering evacuating amid continued diplomatic tensions. A spokesman went on: “The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has responsibilities under the Vienna convention to protect diplomatic missions, and we believe they have taken this step as part of their continuing rhetoric that the US poses a threat to them.” The Foreign office declined to disclose how many staff are working in Pyongyang, but said no decision had yet been taken on whether to pull out. “We are considering next steps,” the spokesman added. –Sun UK
Cuba warns N. Korea of nuclear holocaust: Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro warned ally North Korea against war on Friday and described the current tensions on the Korean Peninsula as one of the “gravest risks” for nuclear holocaust since the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. Saying he spoke as a friend, Castro wrote in Cuban state media that North Korea, led by 30-year-old Kim Jong-un, had shown the world its technical prowess and now it was time to remember its duties to others. North Korea, which along with Cuba is one of the world’s last communist countries, has been ratcheting up pressure by declaring war on neighbor South Korea and threatening to stage a nuclear strike on the United States. –Reuters
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5 Responses to April surprise looms? North Korea tells British diplomats to be out of the country by April 10

  1. Puma says:

    I would say to Dictator Kim, ” Please please please please please, don’t attack us, we are here for peace and respect to others.”


  2. Peter says:


    Thanks for keeping us updated about the developments in North Korea. You do a great job of givng people who visit this site a the “big picture” of what is happening to our world spirtually, environmentally, and economically.


  3. Irene C says:

    Well, if North Korea won’t listen to anything we have to say, then maybe he’ll listen to his communist cronies. From what I read elsewhere, even Russia is surprised by this latest move. I am still praying for peace.


  4. Dennis E. says:

    One has to wonder now. According to the news the North Koreans have not moved any real assets
    other than the two reported mobile missiles. It is true that 90 per cent or so of the North Korean Army
    is positioned near the border of South Korea.
    But, you know, is this a deception for a move by another power in the region or world?
    Tie down US Forces in Korea and a military action some where else?
    This poker game is going to get worst I think……….


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