6.2 magnitude earthquake shakes Russia’s far east, close to China and North Korea

April 5, 2013NORTH KOREAAn earthquake of 6.2 magnitude was registered in the border area between Russia, China and North Korea, the US Geological Survey said Friday. The epicenter of the quake was 9km from the Russian village of Zarubino, about 60km northeast of the North Korean city of Aodzhiri and approximately 608 km from the capital Pyongyang. No casualties or damage have been reported. The earthquake struck at a depth of 561.9 km. –RT
Seismic Watch 3
Seismic risks for the planet over the next 7 days is high
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6 Responses to 6.2 magnitude earthquake shakes Russia’s far east, close to China and North Korea

  1. andy says:

    This might be a warning from above to maybe stop the war that might happen soon? We will have to see how this thing all plays out.


  2. Coyote's Bro says:

    I honestly said when all this recent flack started that a simple(?) earthquake would really make the North “JUMPY” and it might trigger a reaction that started the conflict into a hot exchange. Black Swan stupidity.


  3. TexasRedNeck says:

    A sudden jolt to the rocket on the launch pad after the button was pushed it would be great to see the look on the faces of the “Pudgy Leader” and his Generals as the rocket headed toward their bunker.


  4. Irene C says:

    I agree that this is a warning shot across the bow from God. They need to get their act together and stand down. However, since the “Pudgy Leader” sees himself as a god, I doubt he’ll pay attention.


  5. tdenbeck says:

    The activity in Region was quite interesting today. Iceland was on my mind a bit along with the 2 dreams that I had at the onset of the Canary Island activity a week or so ago. I keep thinking there is going to be water involved sooner or later here.


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