10 Responses to Fuse lit? North Korea ratifies nuclear attack protocol on U.S. – moves missile to East Coast to reach South

  1. archie1954 says:

    More pen. Let’s hope the US agrees that the pen is mightier than the sword and leaves it at that..


  2. Puma says:

    What an arrogant Military pomp!!!


  3. feywit says:

    What are the implications of a nuclear strike that hits the area fault zone or smoldering volcanos? This is my worst fear. That the already restless seismic activity of the region will be far worse provoked by a poorly aimed nuke .


  4. Elizabeth says:

    My concern is not anything they have built for hitting the region, or anything they could have bought off another country to lob at the US (likely the only way they would have anything that could reach the mainland US), I’m sure we have super secret defense measures against anything like that. My concern is that they could have successfully smuggled in one or more small nukes anytime in the last few years; analysts have been saying for years that anyone who wanted to could do so even in a bale of marijuana, the amount of illegal stuff getting smuggled in is that high. I truly hope they haven’t, and this all dies down; I am so sick of these sick, twisted, psychopathic world leaders (and I’m not nessecarily excluding our own here) who want nothing but death and destruction for everyone on the planet. Why can’t we all just live and let live, and not be so cruel to each other? I know the answer is because there is real evil in this world (no matter where you believe the source of it is, according to your own beliefs) and it will always pervade civilization anywhere oppurtunity allows it. But it just frustrates me so much, that everyone on Earth could be free to live a happy, purposeful life if not for the evil amongst us, whether it’s leaders like Kim Jon-Un, criminals trafficking children and women, a person killed for no reason, or any number of other atrocities humans do to each other.

    The sad thing is, the best case scenerio is that all of this dies down, but that still leaves thousands of innocent North Koreans languishing in prison camps for imagined offenses. I recently read a lot of details about 2 books that I want to order, both written by defectors who spent years in one of those prison camps. One was a man who was imprisoned when he was 9 years old, with the rest of his family, and he was released around 19 years old and escaped the country. The other is by a woman who was a die-hard communist and party member, who was framed by an official she refused special treatment to and she was imprisoned for years, before being released for ‘good behavior’ and escaping NK. Let me tell you guys, the North Korean people in those prison camps are experiencing things not known of since the Holocaust. It’s shocking, and since reading about it I want to see the Kim regime burned to the ground and the people released from that horror. But how to do that without getting ourselves into a war, I don’t know.

    I do know one thing….the LAST thing any of us want to see is a nuclear weapon used, you think things have gotten scary in this country now? We could kiss the USofA goodbye if that happens, it will change things forever and NOT for the better. Let us all pray that cooler heads prevail, and that the innocent and brainwashed North Korean people are released from their bondage somehow.


    • Brimmer79 says:

      I hear you Elizabeth, but some ppl here in the USA are just as blind. Ppl at my work are saying just kill the all, and I’m telling them not all those ppl are bad. Poor leadership is to blame, I feel sick to my stomach knowing how those ppl are being cut off from much needed goods from the rest of the world, because their leader is making bad decisions.

      I also feel that we are in a important spot where I hope our leaders are considering the fact that N. Korea is trying to make us pull the trigger first to further vilify the USA. We have had our world cowboy hats on too long and are always involved in everything, and it seems that we mean well but get a bad rap for our concern and activity in bad situations.


      • Elizabeth says:

        It is definately frustrating and even upsetting to hear people just flippantly say ‘Kill ’em all’, I’ve seen it all over the Yahoo comment boards too. Those NK citizens have been cut off, literally cut off, from the world for 3 generations now, they have no idea what is going on within their own country, much less outside of it, and it is sad and they are not to blame. But like you said, we have tried to be the world’s enforcer and protector at the same time, and all it’s gotten us is more hate. We have a natural instinct to help those in need, and sometimes our politicians prey on our desire to do good for humanity by doing just the opposite in our names. It’s a legacy we have had forced on us, in part because, as you also said, too many Americans are still blind to what is going on in the world and they have a sense of superiority that makes them think all others should just be eliminated, instead of treated like the fellow human beings they are. I cannot see how someone who spends just one hour researching what goes on (that we know of) in NK to it’s own people and still says we should just nuke the whole country. It broke my heart when I read details about those 2 books I mentioned by defectors, I had tears coming down my face at one point (girly, I know), and while the actual books will be hard to read, I am going to honor those 2 authors’ suffering by hearing their story. If your co-workers will listen to you, tell them to look up the 2 books, they are called (respective to their stories I mentioned in my previous post) ‘The Aquariums Of Pyongyang’ and ‘Eyes Of The Tailess Animals’.

        Also, those who think we should just nuke them are not thinking about the fact that the radiation is not going to just hang out in NK, it will travel the globe and adversely affect every one on the planet to some degree. That is the last thing we need.

        Let’s hope and pray that things change for them, and let’s pray for our own countrymen and women to open their eyes to the world around us. Thanks for your thoughts, friend.


    • Magenta says:

      I know it feels like waiting for the straw that broke the camels back. I think most of us have had enough of seeing some political leader play out a personal agenda, at the expense of many lives or what they term collateral damage. This probably sounds like magical thinking, but I wish a divine being could stop this infernal oppression and war-mongering. Come down and just stop the insanity in mens minds. Actually the governments remote viewers did see an event like this happening, so who knows maybe there is hope after all for a divine intervention.


    • Cato says:

      Your sentiments are those of a normal, fully functioning individual. Many, if not most, of the planet’s leaders are sociopaths, and do not necessarily share those sentiments, unless they can work them to fulfill their own ends. The Norks are a prime case in point. While they categorically ban all types of recreational drugs in the DPRK, they also have some of the world’s finest cocaine and heroin plants, which spew out massive amounts of highly refined street products, which are then distributed to their embassies around the world. The latter are under orders to produce hard cash, preferably in currencies such as the US$, the AU$, the UK Pound,, the Euro, etc. They have production forecasts, which they must meet or better, or else. North Korea, like many of its predecessors, is a thugocracy.


  5. Irene C says:

    Every night I pray for peace and every morning I thank God that no war has started.

    Luke 21:26
    Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.


  6. George says:

    Nth Korea have been harrassed by the USA for the past 60 years. How many people here agree or are aware of any such real history? Yes, Nth Korea treat their people like slaves, they lie to them and make them live a militant live. Now compare with honesty how teh US and Australia treat their people? Anyone here up to date with Australian police killing unarmed citizens? or how many laws made to protect police and government and NOT the people of the US or Australia?
    If you are not aware of the all of the above you can consider yourselves knowing nothing of this situation!


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