Chinese troop build-up continues on North Korean border

April 3, 2013CHINA China continued moving tanks and armored vehicles and flying flights near North Korea this week as part of a military buildup in the northeastern part of the country that U.S. officials say is related to the crisis with North Korea. The Obama administration, meanwhile, sought to play down the Chinese military buildup along the border with Beijing’s fraternal communist ally despite the growing danger of conflict following unprecedented threats by Pyongyang to attack the United States and South Korea with nuclear weapons. According to U.S. officials with access to intelligence reports, both intelligence and Internet reports from the region over the past week revealed the modest military movements in the border region that began in mid-March and are continuing. The buildup appears linked to North Korea’s March 30 announcement that it is in a “state of war” with South Korea after the United Nations imposed a new round of sanctions following the North’s Feb. 12 nuclear test and because of ongoing large-scale joint U.S.-South Korea military exercises. The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) troop and tank movements were reported in Daqing, located in northeastern Heilongjiang Province, and in the border city of Shenyang, in Liaoning Province. Officials said one key military unit involved in the mobilization is the 190th Mechanized Infantry Brigade based in Benxi, Liaoning Province. The brigade is believed to be the PLA’s frontline combat unit that would respond to any regional conflict or refugee flows. Troops and tank movements also were reported in Dandong, in Liaoning Province. Fighter jets were reported flying in larger numbers in Fucheng, Hebei Province, and in Zhangwu and Changchun, Liaoning Provinces. One of China’s Russian-made Su-27 jets crashed on Sunday in Rongcheng, a city directly across the Yellow Sea from the Korean peninsula. The accident may have been part of the increased warplane activity related to the military mobilization, officials said. The PLA movements were first reported Monday by the Free Beacon. The buildup likely serves two goals, the officials said. One is to bolster border security in case a conflict sends large numbers of refugees from the impoverished state into China. Additionally, the troop buildup is a signal to Pyongyang that China will abide by its defense commitment to North Korea in the event of renewed conflict. China’s military maintains a mutual defense treaty with North Korea. The last time Chinese troops defended North Korea was during the Korean War. U.S. officials also said there were signs of increased movement inside North Korea, specifically movement of road-mobile missile systems. One official said activity was seen at the long-range missile launch complex at Tongchang-ri on the west coast. Pentagon press secretary George Little was asked about possible North Korean missile launches and said test flights were possible. “We can’t rule out the possibility, obviously, that they may conduct some kind of tests or engage in some kind of provocative behavior that would cause problems,” he said. “We hope that doesn’t happen, but if history’s any guide, it could. So we really need to be ready to respond, and that’s our goal.” Asked about the Chinese military buildup near the border, Little did not deny reports of the mobilization but referred reporters to the Chinese military for comment. “I have seen those reports,” Little said of news reports of the Chinese border buildup. “But I would refer you to the Chinese military or the Chinese government for comment.” Little said he was unaware of any communication between the Pentagon and the Chinese military regarding the Korean situation. –Free Beacon
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7 Responses to Chinese troop build-up continues on North Korean border

  1. Dennis E. says:

    And I believe they will again this time if fighting starts. If I remember my history well, in the first war they were sending interceptor jets across the border tearing up our B-29 formations and we,our forces were not allowed to cross into China. Mcarthur wanted to use atomic bombs on china as well as bomb airfields and bridges but was denied (sounds like (Vietnam). The interceptors (MIG-15’s) were being flown by Russian and Chinese pilots. That is were the term ‘MIG ALLEY” came from. There are stories of terrific air battles as well as ground conflicts. Had not China intervened, there would not be a North Korea today.

    Let us hope and pray nothing happens here. But if it does, Seoul, South Korea is within artillery range of the North Korean Guns. I think every bridge,road, tunnel,overpass north of Seoul is mined with explosives to hinder troop/vehicle movements.
    But I think we are on the edge……………


  2. Irene C says:

    And North Korea has received approval to use nuclear weapons on the U.S. Definitely praying for peace.


  3. Michael says:

    China is going to be allowed to move through N. Korea, down to South Korea, and add N. Korea in an attack against South Korea, while at the same time there will be limited Nuke strikes against USA targets, and a large Chinese invasion from North Mexico into the USA, using the NAFTA Highway. Mean while, US troops have been scatterd to the winds in the Middle East. Nicely done NWO.


  4. I’d be more inclined to think that China are about to attach N.Korea,I’m sure they are as sick of them as everyone else. They are in a no win situation if the North did attach the U.S.


  5. TexasRedNeck says:

    >>> Michael <<<…….. And to add to our troubles our very own "D.C. Terrorist" want to disarm all law abiding citizens while they are busy building their own private army (DHS) to attack us.
    Why else would the DHS have purchased over 2 billion rounds of hollow point ammo, our own military is not allowed to use hollow point ammo because of the damage that it does to the human body. Our own military is forbidden to use hollow point ammo by the Geneva Convention against our enemies, BUT the private army (DHS) of the "D.C. Terrorist" are going to use hollow point ammo against the citizens of the U.S.A. AND they have enough ammo to wage a
    war against us lasting 24 years and they are still buying more ammo while our military stationed
    in Afghanistan are being told to conserve as much ammo as possible, how pathetic to add to the
    stress level of our military with such an order.

    Yes indeed the NWO is alive and thriving in Washington, D.C. and around the world.
    We are in the "Final Days".


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