17 Responses to British tour operator in North Korea warned to stay away, ‘outbreak of war hours away’

  1. jade says:

    Ironicaly i don’t have any fear in me whatsoever about wheather a war breaks out or not, infact i find it quite entertaining.


    • tdenbeck says:

      Unfortunately I do – I have had several dreams and day visions about nuclear blasts. This was right around the same time as his father and the breaking news of North Korea pursuing nuclear weapons. I am taking this very seriously.


  2. Dennis E. says:

    There is a posted report on the internet, before its news, that an air force reserve unit in portland,ore,
    is allegedly in a threat red stand-by which may just be a ploy to stir feelings but, LET US ALL COME TO THIS REALITY: The citizens of North Korea need relief, deliverance from this hellish regime…….


    • bobby90247 says:

      “AMEN, Brother!!!” I “feel” for the “people” of North Korea! They live in place that is WORSE than the DARK AGES of Europe! I “doubt” that there are any “prisons” in this world that are worse than that of North Korea (as a…matter-of-speech}!


      • So because North Korea is ‘worse then dark age Europe’, young White men and woman need to be killed ?
        There’s a billion Chinese in China alone, that’s more then the entire White population on this planet.
        How about the Asians ‘liberate’ their own fellow Asians this time ?
        To claim White people are responsible for Everybody else on the planet is a White supremacist position.
        White people made it out of the ‘dark ages’ without outside help, I’m sure the Koreans in North Korea can do like-wise.


      • Jennifer says:

        Cleric Preston, I don’t think either Dennis E. or bobby90247 mentioned ANYTHING about “white men and women” needing to go over there. This has nothing to do with race, please don’t try to make it so. They merely stated that the people of North Korea need relief. And I agree, they do. This is a terrible situation, potentially for us all. We’re all on this planet together, we’re all in this together my friend.


  3. Last night I read the full text of Kim’s statement, and even given Pyongyang’s penchant for bellicose rhetoric I believe that he fully intends to go to war with the US and our regional allies. The sheer paranoia and fatalism displayed in this latest statement have risen to new heights, and it is clear that North Korea believes that it has arrived at its last and best chance at lashing out successfully. My prayers are with the peoples of both Koreas, as well as of Japan and the US military, whose lives will be lost unneccesarily in the conflict which is now just one mistake away from erupting on the Korean peninsula.


  4. Emanni says:

    The other side of the tourist coin

    There’ll Be No War, N.Korea Assures Chinese Tourists

    A senior North Korean official has assured Chinese tour operators that there will be no war on the Korean Peninsula. The assurance came at a time when the North is ratcheting up its belligerent rhetoric.

    Visiting Xian in Shaanxi Province in mid-March, Kim To-jun of the North’s General Bureau of Tourism, told Chinese tour operators, “Don’t worry. There’ll be no war on the Korean Peninsula, so send as many tourists as possible.”

    The regime is expected to resume package tours in July via non-stop flights between Xian and Pyongyang. The route opened in July 2011 and the package tours started a year later.


  5. David says:

    Interesting that at the end of every bull market ends in war for America. All the info we as citizens get is nothing more than spin from the MSM. China isn’t going to sit idle through all of this. Five of our aircraft carriers are sitting in port on the east coast waiting for funds to get authorized for needed maintenance on these vessels. With two opposing governments that would not know the truth if it bit it on the leg, it is difficult to ascertain just how this will all play out.


  6. Emanni says:

    U.S. F-22 stealth jets join South Korea drills amid sabre-rattling

    The United States sent F-22 stealth fighter jets to South Korea on Sunday to join military drills aimed at underscoring the U.S. commitment to defend Seoul in the face of an intensifying campaign of threats from North Korea.

    The advanced, radar-evading F-22 Raptors were deployed to Osan Air Base, the main U.S. Air Force base in South Korea, from Japan to support ongoing bilateral exercises, the U.S. military command in South Korea said in a statement that urged North Korea to restrain itself.


  7. Emanni says:

    Russia, China warn US against military drills near N Korea

    Russia and China have strongly rejected increasing military activities by the US on the Korean peninsula, warning that the escalating tensions could destabilize the entire region.


  8. mr information says:

    Bollocks that’s what you’re looking at posturing fear mongering.

    When a war breaks out in the middle east then you can start to have some serious concerns.
    North south korea who cares about that?


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