6.2 magnitude earthquake strikes Guatemala

Guatemala March 25
March 26, 2013GUATEMALAA powerful 6.2 earthquake struck Guatemala close to the capital on Monday, though residents of Guatemala City felt little movement from the deep tremor and emergency services said there were no initial reports of damage or injuries. The epicenter of the 6.2 magnitude earthquake, initially reported as a magnitude 5.8, was only 6 miles southeast of Guatemala City but it was at a depth of 124.6 miles, lessening its effect. Two Reuters witnesses in the city said they did not feel the quake, nor did they see people running outdoors as is often the case when powerful tremors hit. David de Leon, a spokesman for Guatemala’s emergency agency, CONRED, said he had no reports of damage or victims. A magnitude 6.2 quake is capable of causing severe damage. Last November, more than 50 people were killed in a 7.5 magnitude quake in Guatemala in San Marcos state, a mountainous region near the Mexican border. That earthquake was the strongest to shake the country since 1976, when a magnitude 7.5 quake centered about 99 miles northeast of Guatemala City killed some 23,000 people. –Reuters
Seismic Watch 3
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  1. bobby90247 says:

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    For those of us in Southern California, we “know” that if we have an initial earthquake of 6.2 magnitude (when we haven’t had one for a loooong-time), that it is a a “precursor” to a “major” quake! From what I have “experienced”, and the trend seems to indicate, you can add 1.5 to the 6.2 for the major earthquake, which means it will be a “minimum” of 7.7 magnitude! History has proven that it will NOT be less than that, if it is, it is due to our ability to more accurately “measure” earthquakes.


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